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BTS Albums, Complete BTS Albums in Order With Songs

When it comes to boy bands of the current era then nothing can come closer to the success, huge fan base and uniquely talented Korean band of BTS. This bad has gained huge popularity in the entertainment world without a doubt. They have made a significant impact on the modern entertainment industry. The band has been consistently releasing music since they first came onto the scene in 2013. You will even wonder how many albums BTS have because of their consistency. It should be admired how each member of this musician group plays a significant role not only in their own contributions but also when it comes to writing lyrics and producing some tracks on top of iced cupcakes! No wonder why there is a huge search for BTS albums online.

Introduction to K-Pop Sensation (BTS)

The world’s most well-known boy band right now is The Bangtan Boys (BTS). It belongs to the well-known Korean pop or K-pop musical style. In fact, BTS is what made K-pop so well-liked. The pop group from Seoul is the first Korean performer to reach the top spot on the Hot 100. It’s the first band to have three consecutive #1 singles.

Since Roddy Rich’s “The Box,” their single “Butcher” was the first to hold the top spot for more than ten weeks. “The Box” held the top spot for 11 weeks in a row. In the history of Billboard, only 40 songs have so far succeeded in doing this. There is a huge BTS song list that shows why they deserve the spot.

Another thing is so good about that them is their well-choreographed sync dance movements while singing which was a tren in 90’s boy bands back street boys and NSYNC. Following is the list of all bts albums in order. Continue reading the following.

2 Cool For Skool

On June 12th, 2013, the BTS first album was released worldwide. The song was titled “2 Cool for Skool.” The following tracks were on the BTS album if you want to know how many songs have BTS made in the album!

  1. Intro: 2 Cool 4 Skool (feat. DJ Friz)
  2. We Are Bulletproof Pt.2
  3. Skit: Circle Room Talk
  4. No More Dream
  5. Interlude
  6. 좋아요 I Like It
  7. Outro: Circle Room Cypher
  8. Hidden Track: Skit: On The Start Line
  9. Hidden Track: 길 Road/Path

No More Dream, the group’s debut single, eventually became the group’s debut hit altogether. Along with the producers, it was written by the band members J-Hope, Suga, and RM. The lyrics focused on the idea of being compelled to attend school in order to satisfy the desires of others.


‘O! RUL8,2? ‘, their second album was made available on September 11, 2013. The album’s track listing was as follows.

  1. Intro: O!RUL8,2?
  2. N.O
  3. We On
  4. Skit: R U Happy Now?
  5. If I Ruled The World
  6. Coffee
  7. BTS Cypher Pt.1
  8. 진격의 방탄 Attack on Bangtan
  9. 팔도강산 Paldo Gangsan/Satoori Rap
  10. OUTRO: Luv in Skool

This is perhaps one of the BTS albums from BTS where the lead single from their second album was titled “N.O.” Similar themes emerged, including students feeling under pressure to give up their aspirations and joy.

Skool Luv Affair

If you list the bts albums in order then this would be their third album. “Skool Luv Affair’s publication date is February 12, 2014. The following tracks might be found on its tracklist.

  1. Intro: Skool Luv Affair
  2. 상남자 Boy In Luv
  3. Skit: Soulmate
  4. 어디에서 왔는지 Where Did You Come From
  5. 하루만 Just One Day
  6. Tomorrow
  7. BTS Cypher Pt.2: Triptych
  8. 등골브레이커 Spine Breaker
  9. Jump
  10. Outro: Propose

“Boy In Luv” was the album’s lead single. It discusses high school flings and the perplexity a boy feels when he harbours feelings for a girl.

Skool Luv Affair: Special Addition

On May 13,2014 4th BTS album was released and if you wonder how many songs does bts have then those are following.

  1. Miss Right
  2. 좋아요 I Like It (Slow Jam Remix)
  3. Intro : Skool Luv Affair
  4. 상남자 Boy In Luv
  5. Skit: Soulmate
  6. 어디에서 왔는지 Where Did You Come From
  7. 하루만 Just One Day
  8. Tomorrow
  9. BTS Cypher Pt.2: Triptych
  10. 등골브레이커 Spine Breaker
  11. Jump
  12. Outro: Propose

No More Dream (Japanese Album)

This album was released in Japan, shortly after on 4th of June, 2014. This album is 5th in the bts album in orde. It included three songs mentioned below.

  1. No More Dream (Japanese Ver.)
  2. いいね! (I Like It!) (Japanese Ver.)
  3. 進撃の防弾 (The Rise of Bangtan) (Japanese Ver.)

They redid their song ‘No More Dream’ in Japanese and it was their first ever attempt for this.

Boys In Luv (Japanese Album)

Among the all BTS albums prior to this, only this album was based on the foundation of their debut album. The publication date was July 16, 2014. Three songs were on the track listing.

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BOY IN LUV Track list:

  1. BOY IN LUV (Japanese Ver.)
  2. N.O (Japanese Ver.)
  3. Just One Day (Japanese Ver.)

This album was their love for their Japanese fans. It had all of their Korean songs in the Japanese language.

Dark & Wild

August 19, 2014, saw the release of this album. Other BTS album release wasn’t like Dark & Wild. The less-discussed darker side of love, where one person’s sentiments could outweigh the other, was the main topic of this album.

For objectifying women, the second song from the album “War of Hormone” drew controversy. The band acknowledged that the lyrics could be misinterpreted after closer examination, but they insisted that this was not their purpose.

Danger (Japanese Album)

The bts album release was on November 19, 2014. This album included three tracks, just like all prior Japanese versions. The following is the track list.

  1. Danger (Japanese Ver.)
  2. 進撃の防弾 (The Rise of Bangtan – SONPUB REMIX) (Japanese Ver.)
  3. Miss Right (Japanese Ver.)

They also released a Japanese music video for their song “Danger.” Despite the fact that most of the sequences in the two videos were identical, there were a handful that weren’t.

Wake Up (Japanese album)

The release date of Wake Up was December 24, 2014. The New album contained over 13 tracks. They were listed below.

  1. INTRO
  3. JUMP (Japanese Ver.)
  4. Danger (Japanese Ver.)
  5. BOY IN LUV (Japanese Ver.)
  6. Just One Day -Japanese Ver. Extended-
  7. いいね! (I Like It!) – Japanese Ver.-
  8. I Like It Pt.2 ~In That Place~ (いいね!Pt.2~あの場所で~” )
  9. No More Dream (Japanese Ver.)
  10. 進撃の防弾 (The Rise of Bangtan) (Japanese Ver.)
  11. N.O (Japanese Ver.)
  12. Wake Up
  13. OUTRO

Among all bts albums, the tracks on this album, the band’s first in Japan, had not yet been made available in Korean. But this album’s songs were all released without a music video. The album’s lead single, “Wake Up,” is themed similarly to “N.O.” and even “No More Dream”

‘화양연화 Pt. 1 (The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt.1)

The bts the most beautiful moment in life pt 1 songs got released on 29th of April, 2015. It had 9 songs in total.

  1. Intro: 화양연화 Blooming Youth
  2. I NEED U
  3. 잡아줘 Hold Me Tight
  4. Skit: Expectation!
  5. 쩔어 DOPE
  6. 흥탄소년단 Boyz With Fun
  7. Converse High
  8. 이사 Moving On
  9. Outro: Love is Not Over

For You (Japanese Album)

On June 17, 2015, the group released a Japanese album, two months after that. It contained three songs, like the majority of the earlier Albums.

  1. FOR YOU
  2. ホルモン戦争 War of Hormone (Japanese Ver.) Lyrics
  3. Let Me Know (Japanese Ver.) Lyrics

화양연화 Pt 2 (The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt.2)

The release date of this album is November 30, 2015. There were a total of 9 tracks on it.

  1. INTRO: Never Mind
  2. RUN
  3. Butterfly
  4. Whalien 52
  5. Ma City
  6. 뱁새 Crow-Tit/Baepsae
  7. SKIT: One Night In A Strange City
  8. 고엽 Dead Leaves
  9. OUTRO: House Of Cards

Suga, RM, JungKook, and J-Hope are just a few of the band members who contributed to the song’s lyrics. BTS explained the reasoning behind the song, saying, “We truly wanted to help people our way, by producing the music and penning the words ourselves. We didn’t want to simply say ‘cheer up’ or ‘be strong. This is one of those BTS albums that truly is the product of our heart and soul.

I NEED YOU (Japanese Album)

The 8th of December 2015 saw the release of this Japanese album. Like earlier Japanese albums, it contained three songs.

  1. I NEED U (Japanese Ver.)
  2. DOPE -超ヤベー!- (Japanese Ver.)
  3. フンタン少年団 (Boyz With Fun) (Japanese Ver.)

RUN (Japanese Album)

On March 15, 2016, the boyband released another Japanese album. There were three tracks on it.

  1. RUN (Japanese Ver.)
  2. Butterfly (Japanese Ver.)
  3. Good Day

‘화양연화 The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever

T Young Forever, the group’s follow-up to The Most Glorious Moment in Life, was released. Over 23 tracks made up the album, several of which were variations on the same tune. In the bts album order, this album is their 16th one.

  1. Intro: 화양연화 Blooming Youth
  2. I NEED U
  3. 잡아줘 Hold Me Tight
  4. Butterfly (Prologue Mix)
  5. Ma City
  6. 뱁새 Crow-Tit/Baepsae
  7. 쩔어 DOPE
  8. 불타오르네 FIRE
  9. Save Me
  1. EPILOGUE: Young Forever
  2. Converse High
  3. 이사 Moving On
  4. Whalien 52
  5. Butterfly
  6. House Of Cards (Full-Length Edition)
  7. Love Is Not Over (Full-Length Edition)
  8. I NEED U (Urban Mix)
  9. I NEED U (Remix)
  10. RUN (Ballad Mix)
  11. RUN (Alternative Mix)
  12. Butterfly (Alternative Mix)

Youth (Japanese Album)

The release date of this album is September 7, 2016. It included more than 13 songs, including the conclusion, in contrast to other Japanese versions.

  1. Introduction: Youth
  2. FIRE (Japanese Ver.)
  3. RUN (Japanese Ver.)
  4. DOPE -超ヤベー!- (Japanese Ver.)
  5. Good Day
  6. Save Me (Japanese Ver.)
  7. フンタン少年団 Boyz With Fun (Japanese Ver.)
  8. ペップセ Baepsae (Japanese Ver.)
  9. Wishing On a Star
  10. Butterfly (Japanese Ver.)
  11. FOR YOU
  12. I NEED U (Japanese Ver.)
  13. EPILOGUE: Young Forever (Japanese Ver.)
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However, no exclusive music videos for this album were given to the Japanese fans.


The album Wings debuted on October 10, 2016. There were over 15 bts wings songs which are as following.

  1. Intro: Boy Meets Evil
  2. Blood Sweat & Tears
  3. Begin
  4. Lie
  5. Stigma
  6. First Love
  7. Reflection
  8. MAMA
  9. Awake
  10. Lost
  11. BTS Cypher 4
  12. Am I Wrong
  13. 21st Century Girl 21세기 소녀
  14. Two! Three! (Hoping for Better Days) 둘! 셋! (그래도 좋은 날이 더 많기를)
  15. Interlude: Wings

血、汗、涙 Blood Sweat & Tears (Japanese Album)

On May 10, 2017, this album was released, and it continued the trend of having three tracks.

  1. 血、汗、涙 (Japanese Ver.)
  2. Not Today (Japanese Ver.)
  3. Spring Day (Japanese Ver.)

Although among all BTS albums, it kept some of the recognizable elements from the Korean versions, the video for the song for this album featured a majority of fresh themes. The group’s members can be seen battling temptations and learning how to resist them.

Love Yourself: 承 Her

The group released a new bts album on September 18, 2017, a few months after the release of the previous one.

  1. Intro: Serendipity
  2. DNA
  3. Best Of Me
  4. 보조개 ​Dimple
  5. Pied Piper
  6. Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech
  7. MIC Drop
  8. 고민보다 Go/Go Go
  9. Outro: Her
  10. Skit: 망설임과 두려움 Hesitation and Fear
  11. 바다 Sea

‘MIC DROP / DNA / CRYSTAL SNOW’ (Japanese album)

Three months later, the group released a second Japanese album with three songs.

  1. MIC DROP (Japanese Ver.)
  2. DNA (Japanese Ver.)

Three months later, the group released a second Japanese album with three songs.

Face Yourself (Japanese album)

The band released another album after the prior Japanese release. It became available on April 4, 2018. The album had over 12 songs.

  1. INTRO: Ringwanderung
  2. Best of Me (Japanese Ver.)
  3. 血、汗、淚 (Blood, Sweat & Tears) (Japanese Ver.)
  4. DNA (Japanese Ver.)
  5. Not Today (Japanese Ver.)
  6. MIC Drop (Japanese Version)
  7. Don’t Leave Me
  8. Go Go (Japanese Ver.)
  9. Crystal Snow
  10. Spring Day (Japanese Ver.)
  11. Let Go
  12. OUTRO: Crack

Love Yourself:轉 Tear

The band returned with a new album a month later. On May 18, 2018, it was released, and it has over 11 tracks.

  1. Intro: Singularity
  2. Fake Love
  3. 전하지 못한 진심 The Truth Untold
  4. 134340
  5. 낙원 Paradise
  6. Love Maze
  7. Magic Shop
  8. Airplane Pt. 2
  9. Anpanman
  10. So What
  11. Outro: Tear

Singularity, the album’s entrance song, was first made available on Love Yourself: Tear. However, it was re-released on this album as a whole song. The theme of the song is giving up oneself for someone else. V’s soulful vocals and R&B flavor add to the overall poetic sentiments of the song.

Love Yourself: 結 Answer

The band returned with another one three months after working on one of the most difficult tracks of all bts albums. It included more than 26 songs and was published on August 24, 2018.


  1. Euphoria
  2. Trivia 起: Just Dance
  3. Serendipity (Full Length Edition)
  4. DNA
  5. 보조개 ​Dimple
  6. Trivia 承: Love
  7. Her
  8. Singularity
  10. 전하지 못한 진심 The Truth Untold (Ft. Steve Aoki)
  11. Trivia 轉: Seesaw
  12. Tear
  13. Epiphany
  14. I’m Fine
  15. IDOL
  16. Answer: Love Myself


  1. Magic Shop
  2. Best of Me
  3. Airplane pt.2
  4. 고민보다 Go/Go Go
  5. Anpanman
  6. MIC Drop
  7. DNA (Pedal 2 LA Mix)
  8. FAKE LOVE (Rocking Vibe Mix)
  9. MIC Drop [Steve Aoki Remix] (Full Length Edition)
  10. IDOL (Remix) (Ft. Nicki Minaj)

One song that merged traditional and contemporary Korea is called “IDOL.” The song’s music video and this are both quite obvious.

Few people are aware that Barack Obama, the former president of the United States, served as the inspiration for the song “MIC DROP.” After one of his speeches, Barack Obama “dropped the mic,” indicating that he had finished speaking and was ready to move on. BTS claimed that it was a means of communicating their “swag, hopes, and confidence.”

FAKE LOVE/Airplane Pt.2 (Japanese Album)

The Japanese album, which contained four songs—one more than usual—was published on November 7th, 2018.

  1. FAKE LOVE (Japanese Ver.)
  2. Airplane Pt.2 (Japanese Ver.)
  3. IDOL (Stadium Remix)
  4. FAKE LOVE (Japanese Ver.) (Remix)

Map of the Soul: Persona

One of the best BTS albums so far, this album got released on April 12, 2019. It had 7 songs including the intro.

  1. Intro: Persona
  2. 작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv) feat. Halsey
  3. 소우주 (Mikrokosmos)
  4. Make It Right
  5. HOME
  6. Jamais Vu
  7. Dionysus

Namjoon continued by using an example of himself to illustrate the concept of persona. “Persona is the social self,” he declared. It is a picture of our social disguise. A mask could have beneficial or harmful qualities. It is who we are and how we conduct our social and economic lives as seen by the outside world. Then, I guess my persona would be RM. ”

Lights/Boy With Luv (Japanese album)

Yet another Japanese album was added to their portfolio with the release of this album on July 3, 2019.

  1. Lights
  2. Boy With Luv (Japanese Ver.)
  3. IDOL (Japanese Ver.)
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The album’s other two songs were Japanese translations of foreign songs, while the song “Lights” was an unique Japanese song.

Map of the Soul: 7

The release date of this album is February 21, 2020. This is among the bts albums that featured It contained collaborations and almost 20 songs. The lyrics and music videos of this band demonstrated their greater authenticity and reality.

  1. Intro: Persona
  2. Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)
  3. Make It Right
  4. Jamais Vu
  5. Dionysus
  6. Interlude: Shadow
  7. Black Swan
  8. Filter
  9. My Time
  10. Louder than bombs
  11. ON
  12. UGH!
  13. 00:00 (Zero O’Clock)
  14. Inner Child
  15. Friends
  16. Moon
  17. Respect
  18. We are Bulletproof: the Eternal
  19. Outro: Ego
  20. ON (Feat. Sia)

The album’s opening single was titled “Black Swan.” It depicted what an artist might experience if their passion was lost. In the song video, the band is seen tackling this head-on.

Map Of The Soul 7: The Journey (Japanese Album)

On July 14th, 2020, the album’s Japanese version was made available. Over 13 of the best bts best songs list were included.

  1. INTRO: Calling
  2. Stay Gold
  3. Boy With Luv (Japanese version)
  4. Make It Right (Japanese version)
  5. Dionysus (Japanese version)
  6. IDOL (Japanese version)
  7. Airplane pt.2 (Japanese version)
  8. FAKE LOVE (Japanese version)
  9. Black Swan (Japanese version)
  10. ON (Japanese version)
  11. Lights
  12. Your Eyes Tell
  13. OUTRO: The Journey

This was the band’s most recent Japanese release. In addition to Japanese versions of several of their well-known songs, it also featured a few brand-new musical compositions. Before the album itself, the lead track, “Stay Gold,” was made available to the public.

Dynamite (Digital Single)

The majority of the western world was introduced to their music through the song Dynamite, which also propelled them to new heights of popularity and triumph. The band’s first entirely English-language song is this one. They did not wish to alter the original song’s mood.

The movie “Dynamite” came out on August 20, 2020. Remarkably, the group had no intention of sharing the song with the public at first, but they loved it so much that they did.


On November 20, 2020, the album’s deluxe edition was made available. The album contained 8 tracks.

  1. Life Goes On
  2. Fly To My Room
  3. Blue & Grey
  4. Skit
  5. Telepathy
  6. Dis-ease
  7. Stay
  8. Dynamite

According to the press release, the album depicts the guys’ “emotions and ruminations” from the previous year as they open up about their feelings and their “fear and anxiety coupled with the desire to overcome all this.”

Film Out (Japanese Digital Single)

The digital single was released by the group on April 2, 2021. The Japanese film Signal the Movie utilized it as its music.

Butter (Digital Single)

The release was May 21, 2021. This was their follow-up to their hugely popular English hit “Dynamite.” “Butter” ended up being the summer of 2021’s anthem. The beat is reminiscent of “Dynamite.” Suga, a band member who had undergone surgery, also made a comeback with this song.

With 108.2 million listens and the most views in a single day, ” butter album tracklist” immediately established itself as the band’s most well-known song. They shattered their own records, which had been held by “Boy in Luv” and “Dynamite.” More than 600 million times have been played the song since its release, just on Spotify.

Permission To Dance

The track was made available on July 8, 2021. It was made available concurrently with the CD single “Butter,” which contained just two tracks and their instrumental renditions. Ed Sheeran and British producer Steve Mac wrote this song together.

BTS has so far enjoyed a fantastic run. Over time, their popularity has only increased. Additionally, their music is really honest, which helps young listeners connect to their stories even more. It will be intriguing to see how the band develops musically and how they choose to perform in the future.

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