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Beanie Feldstein Gets Married to Longtime Girlfriend Bonnie Chance

We wish you a happy wedding for Beanie Feldstein as well as her friend Bonnie Chance! The American actress has tied the knot with her long-time partner at a fairytale-themed wedding themed on summer camp.

The Broadway actor and producer were married on the 20th of May 20, 2023 at the Cedar Lakes Estate in Hudson Valley, N.Y. They chose to take the aisle after a period of five years of romance. Learn more concerning the ceremony of Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie Chance.

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Beanie Feldstein, along with Bonnie Chance are married

Beanie and her long-time love Bonnie have been officially married! They have said ‘I Do’ on the 20th of May 20, 2023, on a Saturday, in the theme of summer camp for their wedding. On Thursday the Booksmart actor posted photos from their wedding on her Instagram account. She also added the hashtag Bonnie Chance on the social media post.

“as every fairytale is a reality… April 20, 2023, we will never come up with the words to express our gratitude to angels for providing us with the wedding we’ve always wanted,” she wrote in the caption of the Instagram post.


To celebrate the occasion, Beanie chose the custom Gucci lacy dress, which featured the cascading veil, as well as vintage accessories. The bride topped her outfit by wearing a jewelled belt and a bow. She paired her wedding attire by wearing her great-grandmother’s earrings.

In contrast Bonnie dressed in the silk pastel pink suit along with black boots. In the interview for Vogue publication, Feldstein stated, “Bon was aware that she would like to wear a dress but she also wanted to appear like an actual bride, not a groom.”

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Numerous celebs have sent messages of congratulations to the newlyweds

After the wedding, a number of famous acquaintances who are friends of Beanie and Bonnie came to their comments on Instagram post to express their appreciation for the newlywed couple. It was the actress who played Barbie actor Nicola Coughlan penned, “Congratulations Beanie! !.”

The The! This It’s Us Star Chrissy Metz wrote “Oh my goodness! This is so beautiful! Congratulations to you both .” The Office former alumnus Mindy Kaling said, “What a blessing! Congrats to you two!”

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The Princess Diaries actress Mandy Moore dropped a beautiful comment on Beanie’s Instagram post. The caption reads “Gorgeous and beautiful in all ways!! Congratulations! on X a million! Xoxoxo.” A. American actor Ben Platt went on to declare, “I mean.”

The Down a Dark Hill star AnnaSophia Robb said,” AHHHH!!! We are so happy for you! Sweet sweet love! We are so happy for you two .” Fashion expert Tan France summed up his happiness in a post “I’m very glad for you and your family .”

When did Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie Chance get engaged?

Beanie and her long-time companion Bonnie have been engaged since last year. In the month of June in 2022 Feldstein posted the news that was truly amazing to her followers via an Instagram post. The post was captioned with, “i do, bon.”

And then, Chance went down on one knee for her beloved, Feldstein whose real name is Elizabeth Feldstein. The proposal took place in the backyard decorated with photos, flowers and mason jars brimming of fairy light.


We extend our sincere congratulations for Beanie Feldstein, and Bonnie Chance as they look towards their future together. We wish the two sweethearts many blessings and joy to enjoy their new journey. Be sure to keep up to us for the most recent news on showbiz news.

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