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Is WWE fake and Scripted or is it Real?

Are WWE fake and Scripted or is it actually real? This question keeps bouncing all over the internet and everyone is constantly asking what the truth is concerning World Wrestling Entertainment. Therefore, we resolved to answer the issue at once and done. Find out the truthful answer here.

WWE (or World Wrestling Entertainment has been around from the 1950s until the name WWE being put in its first year of existence in 2002. Through the years, we’ve witnessed some amazing moments, intense storytelling and exciting combat in WWE.

We’ve witnessed WWE create stars such as such as the Rock, Undertaker, Austin, John Cena, and more recently Roman Reigns. WWE Fans have a strong emotional connection to their favorite wrestlers and they strive to get the Gold and at the WWE Championships.

But, is there anything to say about WWE actually happening? Yes. WWE is more authentic than Hollywood films and TV shows. But, it’s fake and scripted as well in the same way. Confused? Do not worry, we’ve provided a brief explanation below.

Is WWE fake and Scripted?

Absolutely, WWE has been manipulated to some extent and the entire process is written completely. The outcomes of the matches are predetermined, and the wrestlers are largely following the scripts in everything they do and in whatever they say. WWE employs professional writer to draft the scripts.

But, the bumps appear, leaps you witness and the flurry of action that ensues in every fight aren’t fake. The blood, bruises, and sweat are genuine. WWE wrestlers do not only have abilities in wrestling, they also are excellent actors.

They are aware of what they have to perform when they go on platform, they know how to perform the stunts. In contrast to Hollywood films, WWE Wrestlers do not have stuntmen. They don’t get any security equipment, and their actions will not be filmed with effects such as VFX.

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What evidence can you provide that there is proof WWE that it is Fake & Scripted?

WWE shows aren’t legitimate competitions, and nearly every WWE fan is aware of that. WWE is actually a entertainment-based show that includes stories, scripted and sometimes choreographed matches.

The year 1989 was the first time Vince McMahon, the CEO and the owner of WWE recognized this characteristic in professional wrestling. He describes his product as an entertainment sport that blends the excitement of wrestling with the drama needed to entertain his fans.

Apart from this, there are various instances where you can see wrestlers hitting other wrestlers in a manner that doesn’t seem to hurt but the other wrestler acts like he is seriously getting hurt. Although these are called “botches” in the professional wrestling glossary which means a mistake, it reveals the reality in front of the fans.

What is real in WWE then?

The action you see in WWE is absolutely real. WWE wrestlers fight with each other in reality but while following a script. They throw punches, kicks, and clotheslines while making sure that they are not fatal. The bruises and scars that you see on Wrestler’s body are completely real, and not done by using makeup.

The blood on the screen is real. However, the technique used to get it is often fake. A lot of WWE wrestlers have revealed that WWE and the majority of professional wrestling teams use blades to let out blood.

However, we’ve also witnessed instances in which WWE wrestlers have been injured in actual. In the case of Undertaker tossing Mankind (Mick Foley) off the steel structure of “Hell in a Cell” is an excellent illustration of this.

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Jeff Hardy jumping off sky-high ladders is a good illustration.

In short, the hard work as well as the skill and excitement that you witness on the screen in WWE fights are genuine. They are not fake. these fights, however winning and losing are decided by the rules. WWE wrestlers are famously known to have a “Kayfabe.”

What exactly is Kayfabe?

Kayfabe is a phrase used in professional wrestling which refers to presenting the staged show authentically or in a real way. It also implies staying within the character you present to the crowd.

WWE wrestlers as well as other professional wrestlers use various gimmicks and act according to their. For instance, John Cena has the image of a gentleman sheriff, a hero, which is why you’ll always see Cena fighting for the good of his country, and against the evil wrestlers.

The wrestlers employ their gimmicks as their own on-screen personalities and it helps enhance the storyline. In rare instances, wrestlers have been often seen breaking the kayfabe and reveal their true selves in front of their public.

What’s the conclusion? WWE Is Fake ou Real?

It is concluded that WWE is a blend of both. It’s fake, scripted but also real in the same way. Some of it is staged and the rest is authentic. It’s a mixture of drama, theater and sports, as well as brawls, athleticism fights on stage real-time television, storytelling and a touring circus.

As I’ve said before, WWE is just like Hollywood films and shows, but it is more real than the latter. The films are staged and performed, while WWE includes a part that is real and authentic.

Why do people continue to watch WWE even though they know it’s fake and not authentic?

People enjoy watching WWE or professional wrestling because it’s extremely enjoyable. It is full of aspects that include excitement, humor emotion, drama and so on. It is easy to become attached to the wrestlers as you observe them in a close-up.

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The fact that it’s staged doesn’t alter the fact that it is staged. This is the reason why people enjoy watching professional wrestling, knowing that it’s fake. They know it’s real and treat it accordingly.

This does not just apply that it applies to WWE but also to every professional wrestling organization across the globe. That is the case for AEW, ROH, NJPW, NWA, MLW, Impact Wrestling, and the rest. They are all scripted, yet they provide real action and fun.

Television and movies are entirely fake. WWE isn’t. WWE is available on the internet, but movies are not. Both are fun and audiences love watching both.

If you’re wrestling professional and you are a professional, the fact that events are planned doesn’t alter the fact that they are predetermined. The goal is to entertain yourself and plenty of it without question!

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Fara: An enthusiastic and relatable blog writer who loves sharing captivating stories and inspiring change. Fara explores topics like Entertainment, Technology, Health, travel adventures, and personal growth, making a positive impact on her readers' lives. Join her on this exciting writing journey!


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