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Doja Cat without makeup 16 Looks You Could Have Forgotten

We’ve all heard about Doja Cat before, and we know her for her outrageous lyrics and songs. But did you know that her actual name was Amala Ratna Dlamini? She is a popular American artist, rapper and songwriter. Most people do not know that she was a college dropout and fulfilled her goal of becoming a well-known musician and rapper.

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Many people in the entertainment business are busy launching cosmetics and skincare products, Doja Cat is one famous person who doesn’t hesitate to appear without makeup.

Doja Cat’s no-makeup look

Here are 16 examples of how she totally nailed it with her un-makeup-free style.

  1. Instagram Live

While most celebrities appear to Instagram live when they’re dressed and well-groomed, Doja Cat is no stranger to posting her Instagram live without makeup and with her hair in the form of a bun.

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2 . In white spaghetti 

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Not only does Doja Cat look relaxed here, but she also looks very confident in her no-makeup look. Celebrities are often harshly trolled for being seen without makeup, but she does not seem to care and we are here for it.

3. Selfie with a cat

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Doja Cat is equally comfortable in taking selfies. There are times when we’ve closed the camera on the front as soon when we’ve opened it but this isn’t the case for Doja Cat. Because Doja Cat is beautiful regardless of whether she’s got makeup or not. Here she is in a photo with the black cat.

 4. Blurry Pikachu

The famous rapper and performer has a stylish Instagram profile with more than 23.3 million people following. However, that doesn’t keep the singer from sharing a funny photo every now and then. The blurry image of Pikachu was viewed by more than 4.1 million likes and 29100 comments!

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5 . Red Lingerie

This is another proof that shows how comfortable Doja Cat is. Doja Cat shared this photo of her sitting down and making an amusing expression in red bras. The caption reads “Don’t cause me to make an incident, lol “.

6.Convinced of acne

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Acne is known for bringing people’s confidence and decrease their self-worth, but this is not the case for Doja. The confident photo showcases her posing with confidence with no concealing her acne marks. These posts bring a lot of hope for those having trouble with similar issues.

7. Just Chilling 

She appears to relax, enjoying an unruly day. However, most of us wouldn’t be reluctant to share a picture such as this on social media. This is another example of how celebrities can project a positive body image on their followers.

8. Naturally radiant

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There’s nothing wrong with applying makeup and looking stunning. However, people stare at celebrities who don’t wear makeup and begin to criticize their looks. But, this stunning makeup-free Doja has put an end to the criticism!

9.The naked look

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In this photo, Doja Cat is all dressed up and ready to go. However, she doesn’t appear like she’s wearing kind of makeup. If she does wearing makeup, it’s not too noticeable as the marks on her face are visible. This proves that all you need is confidence to take on the world.

10. Curly stories


11. Blond Doja Cat

Now it’s evident that Doja Cat is beautiful, regardless of her makeup. However, she’s not reluctant to share photos of her when she makes faces. This photo is a great illustration of her varied fashion styles. In this image she is wearing a black and white top, with a blonde wig.

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12. Awake and sleeping with eyes open

Doja shared another photo on her Instagram a while in the past. She is lying on her bed with a blanket, while her cat sleeps at her feet. The next set of photos focus on the cat and then show her face in a half-sleep state. The caption on the picture reads “sleeping with eyes closed”.


13.Sleeping selfies

Prior to posting her sleep picture together with the one from her pet, Doja uploaded a number of zoomed in photos of her face as she was sleeping. The photos included her lying on the couch, deeply asleep. The caption reads “sleep is beneficial for the female genitals, and I also have a average IQ of 560 thanks to it”.

14. Remaking TikTok

Doja Cat isn’t just happy to show her body on camera. She uploaded an image of her re-creating an old clip. She posted a clip of her recreated TikTok on her Instagram. The post received more than 1.2 million views and six thousand comments.

15. Lipsyncing TikTok

Doja Cat has posted a new TikTok which she captioned “Don’t leave the house”. She’s wearing a fluffy pink jacket, and she has pink cat ears too. The video explains “How I was able to learn how to lip sync in the most realistic way possible for the billboard prizes”. She is always stunning in her natural style. 

16. Gold is old, but not as old.

There is no better way to conclude the story than with some nostalgia? Here’s a vintage photo of the rapper, where she poses confidently.

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Positive Influence on Fans

This kind of confidence and body positivity is appreciated, especially in a world where people are criticized and harassed often. Everybody is pressured to appear in a certain manner on the internet. However, we all are unique in our individual ways and being aware of this can be liberating.

Doja Cat’s natural appearance will inspire us to be true to ourselves regardless of whether others do not like the way she looks. It’s crucial to be honest with ourselves, and anyone who supports that ideal is invited to join in the cause.

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