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Chase Chrisley Proposes to Girlfriend Emmy Medders

Chase Chrisley is engaged… for the first time ever! The reality star pops the proposal to his partner who has been with him for two years, Emily Medders on the 21st of October at night..


He asked her to marry him just two days after asking her to join him on the 19th of October 19. Chrisley put together 175,000 rose petals to be arranged in the form of a heart in the center of a stadium that was empty. Chrisley also ensured that their families were there on the day of their wedding.

The happy couple shared photos of the marriage on Instagram and posted a caption “I am the luckiest man in the world, being able to call you mine forever is a blessing straight from God.”

Chase Chrisley Proposes to Girlfriend

He added “You can be described as the rain in dry weather. I cherish you more than I love life itself. I can’t imagine living forever with you! My love to you!” In the end, He thanked his fiancée for “taking his hand.”

Friends, family, and the fans of the pair are over overwhelmed and have expressed their congratulations in the comments. The post has more than 224,000 views in less than one hour on Instagram.

On the other hand, Medders uploaded a montage that featured a cover of “Can’t Help Falling In the Loveby Kacey Musgraves over the video. She captioned the video using sweet words that read “You’re all I’ve thought of, and so much more. I love you, Chase Madison Chrisley! My heart will always be yours .”

Mother’s Breakup and Disapproval

Even though Chrisley ensured that he included both families in his wedding, his mother wasn’t happy about him marrying so young. Chrisley stated previously that his mother considered him to be too young for marriage. The reality TV star joked that he did not listen to the things his family had to say therefore it wasn’t an issue.

Chase Chrisley Proposes to Girlfriend

No matter what his mother was thinking, Chrisley was clear that Medders was the right choice for him. In a 2021 interview Chrisley stated “She as well as I spoken about the possibility of getting married. I’m certain that I’ll get married to her, possibly. If she’s keen on me. If she’s willing to take me, I’m for it.”

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Their relationship was not always positive as they seemed to split in the beginning of 2021. This came after a year of them making public statements about their relationship. They were unable to stay apart for long and rekindled their romance together in April 2021.

Medders confirmed they were back together and shared a photo of them snuggling. Their Instagram account, growing Up Chrisleystar was also further to share photos of the couple together. The couple was photographed in July. Medders shared a pic of Chrisley declaring her love for him. She added a simple text “Love this one”.

People who have commented couldn’t be satisfied with the couple Some even joined in with a comment “Get married you two” and that’s exactly what they’re planning on doing.

The couple hasn’t shared any details regarding the wedding or the date it will take place. If it’s in the plans soon they may share the news on social media accounts to get followers excited.

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