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Who was Doug Brignole? Awarded Bodybuilder Passes Away at 62

Awarded Bodybuilder and fitness writer Doug Brignole has passed away. The bodybuilding legend passed away on the 13th of October, at the age of 62. The exact reason for his death is not known as of yet, but some unconfirmed sources have suggested that he passed away due to an attack on the heart.

Brignole was well-known for being an active member of the Amateur Athletic Union and the National Amateur Bodybuilding Association. Read on to learn what you can about the fitness professional’s life and work.

Doug Brignole at 62

His death has been confirmed by bodybuilding expert Joe Wheatley, who wrote, “This one hurts really awfully! Let him rest in peace. Doug Brignole – 62 years old.” The news comes at a time when the bodybuilder was getting ready and training to be a celebrity at the AAU Mr Universe competition scheduled to be held on the 22nd of October in Las Vegas on October 22.

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Brignole’s physique athlete friend and friend, Benny Rollins, also posted the news on social media. He tweeted “Incredibly sad to learn that my mentor and friend Doug Brignole passed away on the day of his death. Doug taught me to train properly and I would never have achieved the physique I have without Doug’s. His body was stunning and his mind more than that. RIP buddy.”

The Internet is flooded with tributes

The moment the news broke many of Doug’s close friends and mentors began honouring the bodybuilder. “Doug Brignole died the night before. Doug was a wonderful guide to me. He helped me become a better teacher and thinker. I had no idea he would disappear so quickly. It’s a pity. Rest In Peace Doug. You were a brilliant thinker and a wonderful man.” said a student.

Doug Brignole

The bodybuilder Brian Gates Tweeted, “Rest in peace, my Legend, Doug Brignole. Thanks for truly inspiring me, and guiding me to be more aware of the fitness aspect and overall health. The impact you’ve made for me and other people will not be forgotten.”

One of the followers also wrote “Rest In Peace the legend Doug Brignole. I’ve been pain-free and injury-free for two years following reading the book by Doug “The Physics of Resistance Exercise.” Doug was age 62, was an ex- and current bodybuilding champion.”

Doug Brignole Started his Career at the age of 16

Brignole began competing in bodybuilding competitions when he was only 16 years old. Through the years Brignole won a wide range of titles among them AAU Mr. America in the medium tall division, and AAU Mr Universe in the light heavyweight division in 1982.

Doug Brignole

He also won an international competition at Muscle Beach in the year 2014, and AAU Mr Universe in the open division in the year 2019. Doug also held seminars in various cities across the US and in other nations, including Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, and Japan. Additionally, he was a frequent public speaker as well as an author.

In addition to writing numerous magazines, Doug co-authored a university sociology textbook, titled Million Dollar Muscle. Another one of his books, The Physics of Resistance Exercise was a huge hit and was inspired by a number of orthopaedic surgeons as well as Ph.D. Professors.

Sincere condolences go out to the family of Doug Brignole and their friends. Let his soul rest in peace!

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