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Who is Erika Wulff Jones? Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones’ Wife

Who is Erika Wulff Jones

Erika Wulff Jones

Erika Wulff Jones is the wife of controversial radio host and well-known conspiracist Alex Jones. The couple got married on the aisle in 2017. They have been married since.
Read on for detailed insights into the private and professional lives of Alex Jones’ wife, Erika Wulff Jones. This includes her job and her early years.

What does Erika Wulff Jones do for a living?

For those who aren’t aware, we’ll be clear that, unlike Alex, her spouse Alex, Erika Wulff Jones, lives a quiet life. She prefers to remain far from the world of showbiz. She and Alex were married in 2017.

Erika is known for her role as the creator of New Order Yoga. The profile on her LinkedIn account said, “We believe that yoga is for everyone no matter what age or ability level.” It appears she is a huge follower of yoga.

According to reports from the newspaper The Sun, Before entering the yoga world, and establishing her own yoga studio, Erika completed a 500-hour registered Yoga Teacher training course to learn more about yoga. The yoga studio she runs is in Austin, Texas. Prior to New Order Yoga, she obtained an undergraduate degree from the Department of Comparative History at the University of Washington.

Has Erika Wulff Jones been arrested in the time in the past?

Erika Wulff Jones

The answer to this question is yes. Erika Wulff Jones was caught by police on Christmas Eve of last year for a charge of domestic violence. In an interview with the Associated Pressat that time her husband Alex explained, “It’s a private family incident that occurred at the end of Christmas. I am a wife to my beloved and am very concerned about her, and it seems to be a sort of imbalance in the medication.”

As per ABC News, the sheriff’s files indicated the instructor “faces the misdemeanour charge of assault that causes bodily harm an individual in the family as well as refusing to be arrested, searched or transportation. The yoga instructor was not granted an arrest warrant until Saturday afternoon.”

He continued to state that the arrest “doesn’t concern my politics” and “it wasn’t some kind of personal hateful thing.”

Do Alex Jones and his wife Erika Wulff Jones have children?

Alex Jones Erika Wulff kid

The majority of the time Alex Jones is in the spotlight because of his political views, but we want to share with you how the ways he has succeeded in keeping his private life private. Alex Jones and his wife Erika Wulff Jones tied the knot in the year 2017.

According to different reports, the conspiracy theorist as well as his wife Erika Wulff Jones have a child. Prior to his marriage to Erika Alex, the American extremist and Alt-Right radio host got married to Kelly Rebecca Nichols. Alex and Kelly were married in 2007 and divorced in the year 2015. The former couple has three children.

Do you like Alex Jones and his wife Erika Wulff Jones as a couple? Please share your thoughts about the couple in the comment section below. Keep checking back to us for the latest news on showbiz news.

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