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Whitney Scott Mathers: All You Need To Know About Eminem’s Daughter

Whitney Scott Mathers is the daughter of American rapper Eminem. She was born on April 16, 2002, in Columbus, Ohio and is a 20-years-old college student studying for a BFA in photography at Savannah College of Art and Design. She has an Instagram account with more than a lot of followers. This article will cover everything you need to know about Whitney Scott Mathers, such as her life before she was born, her parent’s relationship, and how she got involved in music herself.

About Whitney Scott Mathers

Whitney is an adopted child of Eminem, the biological daughter of Kim Scott and Eric Hartter. Following Kim’s breakup with Eminem at the end of 2001, Kim began to see Eric and shortly thereafter, she was pregnant with Whitney together with Eric.

Whitney was born on the 16th of April 2002 in the United States. Marshall Mathers III, popularly known as Eminem, was adopted by Whitney Scott after reconciling his relationship with his ex-wife and her mother, Kim Scott, in 2005. Whitney was adopted by St. Joseph, Missouri, within the United States of America.

According to numerous sources, Whitney’s biological father, Eric Hartter, struggled with drug addiction and died in 2020 at 40.

Whitney came out on TikTok as a Non-binary in 2021

In 2021, Whitney came out as non-binary on TikTok. This video has since gone viral and has been seen by millions of people. In it, Whitney explains why they chose to come out publically and what it means for them. They say that their identity is not a choice but rather something that is innate within them. They encourage others who feel the same way to share their story with the world.

A while ago, the famous rapper’s daughter Whitney was made public as a non-binary on the platform for video sharing TikTok. Then Whitney is now known as Stevie Laine. In the video shared, Stevie said that she will now be identified by pronouns like they/he/it. ” Watch me become more confident in me,” Laine wrote in the video.

They also announced their name change in the comment part of their video. Then they wrote, “I spent a long time trying to decide on the name that I was not comfortable with. The first name that I liked was Stevie.”

Stevie posted the news via an inspirational video on TikTok. “Forever expanding and changing. 3#greenscreen #genderfluid #bi” captioned the post. The singer has been bisexual in the past. Stevie has also been bisexual since 2017, when she attended a Harry Styles performance when they were just 15 years old.

Going Through Changes

One of his tracks from 2010, called “Going Through ChangesEminem performed a rap about his children. The rapper raps, “Hailie. This one’s dedicated to your family, Whitney And Alaina, and I’m still a huge fan of your mommy; it won’t change. Think about her every day. We’ll never have it all together, but hey.”

In a previous interview in an earlier interview with Rolling Stone, the Lose Yourself star spoke about the role of parenting. It revealed, “Being a dad is indeed a double existence. The kids go to school and pick them up, making sure they know the rules. I’m not saying I’m the ideal father, but what’s most crucial is being there for my children and guiding them in how they should be raised.

Family Life of Whitney Scott Mathers

MotherKimberly Anne Scott
SisterAlaina Marie Mathers, Hallie Jade

Is Stevie has a Profile on Instagram?


The answer to this question is definitely yes. Like many Others, Stevie has a page on the popular social network Instagram. As of now, Stevie has only four photos on the Instagram feed.

Laine has 52k people on the social network service Instagram.

Some FAQs About Whitney Scott Mathers 

Here are some frequently asked questions about Whitney Scott Mathers by the Eminem fans and Whitney fans

What is the Date of Birth of Whitney Scott Mathers

16 April 2002

What is the Birthplace of Whitney Scott Mathers

St. Joseph, Missouri

What is the Height of Whitney Scott Mathers 

in Feet-Inches – 5’6″

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