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Which Newspaper is Best For UPSC

Which newspaper is best for UPSC? This question has always been a matter of concern among aspirants. As we all know, newspapers are a very important source of information about world events. A good newspaper covers news from various sectors in a precise and organized manner. In this article, we will see a list of the best newspapers aspirants must read during UPSC preparation. UPSC has a wide syllabus so just sticking to a single newspaper is not enough. Aspirants must refer to at least 2-3 newspapers.   

Reading newspapers is an important task. Aspirants must read newspapers daily as they are very helpful in all the stages like Prelims, mains and interview rounds of the UPSC exam. Every year tons of questions are from current affairs, and if you are a regular reader, you can easily tackle these questions within no time. Newspapers give you a clear-cut idea about the practical aspect of the Theory part, mostly for subjects like civics and economics; reading newspapers also helps clarify theory concepts as you can relate your syllabus topics to the news. You can also refer to case studies and newspaper examples for writing GS and essay papers.

Reading more than one newspaper daily is not an easy task. The best thing to reduce the time wastage while preparing is by joining an IAS coaching. Coachings relieve a lot of your stress and hard work by providing well-written notes and updated current affairs material in an organized way. The Thought Tree is amongst the best IAS coaching around that provides complete coverage for current affairs along with many other facilities. I would suggest you get these courses from The Thought Tree to boost your IAS preparation.

Now Let’s look at the list of best newspapers for IAS 2022. These are some of the major newspapers that aspirants must read to get remarkable scores in both Prelims and Mains examination.

Best Newspaper for UPSC Preparation

1. The Hindu

Wherever you search for the best newspaper for UPSC on the internet, The Hindu newspaper never fails to surprise you. It is the best newspaper for aspirants covering major national news. The newspaper focuses on only important news and has almost no space for unnecessary news. The best thing about the newspaper is that you get to see experts’ views, analyses and suggestions in a well-organized manner. The business, science, editorials, art and culture sections are some key parts of the newspaper. Aspirants must read these sections as these are very useful in prelims and main exams.

2. Indian express

The Indian Express is also a good newspaper and probably the best source for current affairs, especially for competitive exam preparations. The Indian Express covers all the topics, mainly focusing on Indian politics. You also get to see unbiased information on related issues aspirants.

3. PIB

Aspirants must make full use of this source as it is published by the government itself. It covers government policies and schemes along with the latest news updates. Being a government-published source, PIB is the most trusted source of information. You must subscribe to PIB’s daily, weekly, or monthly press releases. As I have mentioned earlier, aspirants must prepare from different sources for more information. PIB should not be neglected in preparations for UPSC exams.

4. Business standard

Business standard is for those who wish to improve their command of economics. It mostly deals with the economic status, updates, RBI guidelines, statements, and so on. This newspaper is also considered a good source for UPSC preparation because of its high news coverage and links with the syllabus topics.

5. Dainik Jagran

This is not an English newspaper but is very effective in terms of news coverage. It is an authentic newspaper as no other Hindi newspaper can match Dainik Jagran in terms of news coverage and organization. The best part is you also get to see a digit version of the paper which is very popular among both English as well as Hindi medium aspirants.


I hope this article helped clear doubts related to the best newspaper one must read for UPSC preparations. Well whatever newspaper you pick, Try to at least read The Hindu, Indian express and PIB as these three are the best and most trusted sources for UPSC preparations. These three newspapers are the best even from the UPSC point of view. Try to read only from trusted sources, Make sure to mark important news and note them down for further revisions. Best of luck with your preparations.

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