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Today Wordle Answers and Hints For Solution #484, Friday, October 17

After a little break yesterday, today’s Wordle solution’s difficulty is slightly below normal. According to the NYT’s Wordle Bot program, which analyses every challenge, people are taking an average of 4.2 guesses to answer this problem, which isn’t too awful compared to some previous games. Given that, you might find a few wordle hints useful. After all, a Wordle failure is never more than six guesses away.

I have many Wordle tips and wordle answers to give because I have played every Wordle so far and have only lost once. Furthermore, I looked for trends in every wordle clue and have some additional guidance for you there. You should also look at my What is Wordle? Guide if you’re new to the game.

I will suggest you bookmark this page if you need the wordle answer daily because I will post hints and answers for the wordle on this page every day. I want to assist you in discovering the Wordle solution for that day. If the tips aren’t sufficient, I’ll even provide the answer in case you’re truly confused or just don’t have enough time to finish the problem for today. In case you’re viewing this in a different time zone, I’ve also included my explanation of yesterday’s puzzle, #484

There are spoilers for game #484 coming, so beware. Only continue reading if you want to learn what is the wordle word today!

What Is Today’s Wordle #484?

My first piece of advice is to always start each Wordle game with one of the top starting words. But here are some more detailed hints for the today wordle answer for today: It just has one vowel, and there are no repeating characters.

It finishes with a letter frequently used as a closing punctuation mark. Depending on how they are used, certain additional letters may also be regarded as vowels.

You should be able to get the answer to today’s wordle using those suggestions, at the very least. If not, continue reading for a more detailed hint; otherwise, if you are only interested in the solution, go ahead to the next section.


Screenshot 33
(Image credit: Wordle/NYT)

So today’s answer for wordle is “SPADE.” However, one thing to keep in mind with Wordle is that, as far as we can tell, the clues for today’s wordle are inconsistent. With one unusual exception, they have not been altered since Josh Wardle set them in place when he built the game. Therefore, when I refer to a challenging time in the game, it’s actually simply chance. No one at the New York Times is sitting there contemplating, “Yesterday’s was fairly easy—give lets them a harder one today.”

Of course, it’s simple to fall into that mindset despite that, and today’s Wordle perfectly illustrates that tendency. After a string of games with an average score of 4.2 or higher, yesterday’s simple THEME provided some welcome respite. But now, as though someone chose not to give us too much of a respite, we are back up at 4.2. Maybe it’s just me, though.

However, according to the NYT’s WordleBot tool, users are completing this puzzle in an average of 4.2 guesses, which indicates that it is (somewhat) harder than the typical game. However, it’s not very simple to see why at first. Despite how many letters we’ve received lately, it’s a little surprising that there aren’t any duplicated letters or unusual ones either.

Weren’t There Any Alternatives?

Although there may have been some instances of too many alternatives, I believe the main factor keeping this one from scoring a 4/6 is the fact that few people choose a Y as one of the finest Wordle start words. That might explain why what isn’t a very terrifying response should be lower than yesterday’s, which was arguably worse. It also doesn’t have an A or an E, both of which are in most start words.

L, the 12th most probable letter to start a response, is an admittedly uncommon initial letter. Y near the conclusion, however, is highly frequent and appears in more than 15% of all games. O and T are both popular letters overall, but it may have been difficult to locate F as well as it only scores 20th in the middle of a Wordle response and 19th altogether.

On the good side, TY is a rather common ending, as I demonstrate in my study of each Wordle response; it ranks as the seventh-most probable combination to be found in that place.

Little Risks of Losing

This Wordle poses few risks because it has few significant letter problems and is a word that most people are familiar with. Furthermore, you will have a strong introduction to the game today thanks to a few of the top Wordle start words. even without all those additional choices I didn’t like my chances of guessing right for a 2/6, so I made the decision to play a throwaway word in an attempt to ensure a 3/6. No, in hard mode, I was powerless.

Yes, I realize I’m being a little too careful. But, I’m certainly attempting to make my life harder than it was before since I use a new start word every day for wordle hint. Anyway, I thought that it’d be a great idea to put an E in position #3 to test if there was a second E in the game, which looked plausible. H felt like an excellent letter because several of the replies began with TH, while L, M, and W were all included in at least one of my responses (THEME and THYME for the M, TWINE for the W, and TILDE for the L).

I decided on WHELM according to wordle hint, and it turned out rather nicely, giving me only one solution to consider. However, a lot of that was a chance as I certainly missed a number of potential solutions. For example, if it had been TENSE, TINGE, or TEPEE, I would have just shown a yellow E and would still have had a third of a chance. In light of this, WordleBot gave me a score of 84 for skill and 73 for luck, stating that I ought to have played HAILS.

Today was a good day for me considering WHELM provided me with green H and E as well as yellow M and verified that THEME was the answer. So this is a 3/6 on one of Wordle’s recent easier days.

My Tips for New Comers

Wordle is a popular word game that challenges players to create the longest words possible using a selection of random letters. Although the game is ostensibly simple, there are a few strategies that can help you increase your score and dominate the competition.

First, try to identify the vowels in the letters provided. Vowels are typically worth more points than consonants, so creating words with a high vowel-to-consonant ratio can give you an advantage.

Second, focus on creating words that are long rather than short. Not only will longer words earn you more points, but they will also be less likely to be guessed by your opponents. Finally, don’t be afraid to take risks.

The best way to win at Wordle is to try new combinations of wordle answers and see what works best for you. With a little practice, you’ll be impressing your friends and family with your impressive vocabulary in no time.

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