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Eli Manning’s Face Tattoo On Vernon Kay’s Back, Fans Shocked

This Morning is a show on ITV with a refreshingly different style and personality. Hosted by Vernon Kay, the show brings an entertaining and light-hearted approach to the morning TV show. This morning, Vernon Kay surprised viewers when he revealed that he had got a huge tattoo of Eli Manning’s face on his back, only for the footballing superstar to pop up in front of him during the interview!

What Fins Up?

Vernon Kay has revealed his huge Eli Manning tattoo on his back. The former “Daily Show” host took to Instagram to post a snap of the ink, which is said to be a tribute to his former New York Giants teammate. “Eli was my boy and this tattoo is just a little something I put together in his memory,” he captioned the shot. Kay’s tattoo is in honour of Manning’s Super Bowl MVP performance in 2015.

Vernon Kay Makes a Huge Announcement on This Morning

This Morning’s Vernon Kay Reveals Huge Eli Manning Tattoo on His Back

On this morning’s show, Vernon Kay revealed that he has a huge Eli Manning tattoo on his back. The tattoo is of the New York Giants quarterback holding a football and reads “To infinity and beyond.” Kay said that he got the tattoo after watching one of Eli Manning’s final games in 2016.

Vernon’s Tattoo of Eli’s Face: A Revelation

The Eli Manning tattoo on Vernon Kay’s back is a huge revelation – and it has fans everywhere talking. The former Britain’s Got Talent contestant recently took to Instagram to post a photo of the ink, revealing that he had inked the quarterback’s face onto his back. “his image caption is “What an amazing experience it was to get Eli’s face tattoed on my back, Clearly tickled by the reaction, Kay then added: “I really hope I can keep this one.” The tattoo definitely has plenty of people speculating about its meaning. Is it a dig at Manning’s archrival Tom Brady? A tribute to Kay’s late father? Or simply a fun way to celebrate one of the most successful careers in NFL history? We’ll just have to wait and see!

The New York Giants Cheat their Fans Out of a Super Bowl Title

There’s a huge Eli Manning tattoo on Vernon Kay’s back. The New York Giants quarterback has a tribute to his late father, Archie Manning, on his back. Kay told Sportsnet that he got the tattoo in January of this year and it took six hours to complete.

“It was kind of spur-of-the-moment,” said Vernon Kay of getting the tattoo. “I hadn’t thought about it until after the Super Bowl loss [to the Patriots]. I just kind of woke up one day and said, ‘I need to do something about this pain that I feel inside.’ So I started Googling ‘tattoos for fathers’ and found a guy who did nice work.”

Kay admits that he wasn’t sure how much people would react to seeing the tattoo but is glad that it hasn’t caused any problems in his personal life. “My wife loves it,” he said. “She’s happy I’m not afraid to show my emotions.”

Now Eli Manning is In London for the International NFL Series

Eli Manning is in London for this year’s NFL International Series. Two games are already played and the final will be played on October 30 at Wimbledon. Additionally, Vernon made headlines last week when he appeared in a special welcome ceremony to celebrate the Rugby League World Cup in the United Kingdom.

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“It’s so essential to get young people engaged in sports, and it’s fantastic to see my hometown of Bolton doing everything they can to encourage the future generation to love rugby league,” he said during the event.

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