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SWordle Game – A  Wordle for Star Wars Fans

Wordle doesn’t need any introduction among fans around the globe. In fact, if there is any new game that resembles wordle format, they will scream from a distance, it’s a clone, a wordle clone. Yes, this simple-looking game has gained so much fandom and popularity around the globe that a huge number of clones have been spawned from wordle with songs “Heardle” to wordle with Star Wars “SWordle”. Yes, this 5 letter star wars words game would be great news for iconic pop culture fans. Now you can play wordle with Star Wars puzzles. Also known as swordle wordle, is just like wordle, except it has tons of Star Wars movie series questions and hints.

What is SWordle?

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Swordle game is a new word puzzle game based on the characters and stories from the STAR WARS saga. Players must unscramble words using combinations of letters from the alphabet to advance through the game. SWordle is a game exclusively focused on five-letter words from the Star Wars universe and series. Your initial thoughts or concerns might be if the swordle game even contains enough five-letter words to keep the game interesting. 

Quick answer: “It certainly seems that way”. Because there are so many to guess from. The kind people at SWordle today have even provided the necessary and important word list as well. Even the sheer number of alternatives is astonishing. They’ve also added numbered terms to describe various personalities, droids, and areas making the possibilities seem practically endless.

Rules for SWordle

The rules are pretty much the same for the SWordle game. The green means right answer, and the yellow means wrong in this star wars word game. While it should be easier compared to Wordle and shouldn’t require any specific search for SWordle hints. This is because wordle can randomly choose any word from more than 9000 words in the available English dictionary. On the other hand, SWordle has limited words to choose the daily answer because of the number of Star Wars series.

However, there is a twist. Even though there are dedicated Star Wars fans who love these 5 letter star wars words, the answer can be based on every character that even appeared once. So only the hardcore fans should be playing this game. Or else, a casual gamer will need to understand the Star Wars reference, characters, and words associated with Star Wars, which will be quite hard, TBH.

This is a game that you can play once every day. It also includes sharing your winnings on social media and with your friends.


In this swordle game, the letter’s position within the word is shown by the letter’s green placement.

  • When a letter is highlighted in yellow but isn’t in the word, it means that the letter is present, but the term is incorrect.
  • In this instance, the colour grey stands in for the letter.

The game has so much to offer to the star wars fan that the enter button features the millennium falcon. This game is sure a treat for the eyes of Star Wars fans.

Who Created the SWordle game?

If you like the SWordle and want to appreciate the developer, then visit Twitter. On Twitter, you may follow @Aurebeshfiles. Even the “Aurebesh” refers to the standard language used in the Galaxy in Star Wars. David Lozzi and Lewis Forman created the actual game.

Furthermore, the group has established a Patreon website where you may donate actual money to support their projects like this if you are feeling especially kind. There are a total of six levels that offer various tiers of support and other miscellaneous items. Overall, Star Wars enthusiasts will enjoy this star war wordle game. And even the most knowledgeable people in the field will need to check swordle today’s answers online to not struggle with some of the answers. 


Wordle is undoubtedly one of the first and best word puzzle games online, owned by the NY times. This game has gained so much popularity that even its alternatives have much attraction to players. SWordle game is also a worldle alternative specifically designed for star wars fans. This game is everything but fade. Players are given 6 chances and one single word to guess daily. 

The answer will be chosen randomly by Star Wars based terms, language, characters, and story parts. If you love word games and want to play something new, this 5-letter star wars words is a must-try for you. You can play it on your browser on its official website. Give it a try, especially if you are an avid star wars fan.

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