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Quordle Hints Today, Answers, For #265 On October 16

If you’re scratching your head over the quordle hints today, we’ve got the answers and hints you need to get through it. This puzzle can be tricky with a mix of technical and crossword terminology, but we’re here to help. For those unfamiliar with it, Quordle is a fun little pub quiz game I play on my phone daily. It’s like Trivia Crack, but with more questions and no annoying ads. Don’t be ashamed of looking for the Quordle hint if you cannot solve it. Anyway, check out our hints and answers below, and good luck finding Quordle answer today if this is your first time!

Today’s GAME #265

I’ll offer you a few pointers to get you started before I get to quordle hints today. I’ll provide you with three introductory Quordle hints and one key tip at the conclusion. I’ll give you the answers after that, I swear. So, these are your first few hints:

One of the hints for Quordle uses letters more than once and only uses four vowels. Two vowels can be found in the third response, specifically, A, E, I, O, and U. There are additional letters sometimes believed to be vowels, depending on how they are employed.

Even if the daily Quordle answers for game #265 aren’t too bad, here’s another tip to help you in solving one of them: A picture on a wall is one of the answers to today’s Quordle. Stuck even now? Let us just go on to the solutions.


Screenshot 32
(Image credit: Quordle)

What are the Quordle hints today for #265? I’ll cut to the chase and give it to you now:


Previous Answers

Quordle Answers #232: HEIST- DROWN- ALGAE- BELLE
Quordle Answers #231: SNEAK- OTHER- VERSE- BADGE
Quordle Answers #230: MINCE- RACER- BILLY- ULCER
Quordle Answers #229: CHAFF- LOWLY- SWORE- PAPER
Quordle Answers #228: CLUMP- POUND- AISLE- WINCH
Quordle Answers #227: DEVIL- MURAL- SNEAK- LEGGY
Quordle Answers #226: GLAZE- FLINT- STOOP- ABUSE
Quordle Answers #225: TODAY- DWELL- WRING- TACIT
Quordle Answers #224: SOLAR- QUELL- SHUSH- SHARE
Quordle Answers #223: GOODY- SHAKY- BITTY- DIMLY
Quordle Answers #222: ZESTY- STICK- GIVEN- GOODY
Quordle Answers #221: TIBIA- FLAKY- MISER- GRATE
Quordle Answers #220: WORST- NUTTY- REACT- SNIPE
Quordle Answers #219: TREND- AMAZE- SAUCE- THINK
Quordle Answers #218: BROAD- BRACE- HIPPO- GOOEY
Quordle Answers #217: COUNT- BUGGY- LOAMY- CLOSE
Quordle Answers #216: CLINK- BELIE- SAUTE- LOCAL
Quordle Answers #215: USURP- GORGE- HAVEN- CANAL
Quordle Answers #214: SPANK- FERRY- KOALA- CROWN

Quordle Answers Earlier Puzzle/ Quordle archive

If you’re looking for a quorde hints today and answers for older games, we can also help. Here’s a list going back 20 games.

If finding Quordle hints proves to be too challenging for you, you may choose one of the Wordle equivalents on our list of the top wordle alternatives, but if you want an even more challenging test, we suggest Octordle or Squabble.  I also tried the new Heardle, which is similar to Wordle for pop music, as well as the Wordle clone Worldle, which is based on geology, the SWordle, which is based on Star Wars, and the Mathler which were are equally enjoyable.

However, the classic is still the greatest, so if you won’t have a chance to play, don’t forget to look at the finest Wordle start words and the day’s Wordle solution.

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