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Meet little Angelo, Adele’s Baby Boy

Meet little Angelo, a famous baby boy of a famous Hollywood mother. Hello, that’s the blog post about one of the most influential names in the music industry. Remember this iconic number which could be called a minimalist yet deep number sung by none other than Adele. She is one of the most iconic singers of the current century. Adele is a well-reputed singer and little Angelo is her son. Despite his tender age, he has gained so much attention already, thanks to his successful mother. Here is what you would love to read about adele’s son Angelo.

Who Is Adele’s Son Anyway?

Adele and her ex-husband Simon Konecki welcomed their son Angelo, who is now ten, in October 2012. The celebrity said that, although her widespread popularity, she desired her son Angelo to remain as free from the press and media as possible when he was three years old. She even stated that I don’t little Angelo to be raised like those spoiled and attention-seeking Bratz of Hollywood. I don’t want him to be grown up as I don’t have this, I don’t have that kind of a person. I always expected him to be real and should stay from media attention.

If you search for Angelo Adkins 2022, you will not find much information on google because her mother adele didn’t want him to be eye candy for the media. She is upbringing him in England where he is getting his education. Adele is actively taking part in his upbringing.

Adele’s ex-husband Simon Konecki

Simon Konecki

Apart from how old is Angelo, it would be much more interesting to know about her ex-husband. Simon and Adele began dating in the middle of 2011, and their son little Angelo was born in 2012. The pair were married in 2018, six years later, but only lasted 11 months before calling it quits. The singer divorced in September of this year.

Even after their separation, the couple decided to raise their child together without any compromises. One of their representatives stated that they are committed to raising their child together with love and care. This is why they are more into privacy over this. 

Adele and Simon can easily co-parent Angelo because they are now neighbours in Beverly Hills. The singer has always affirmed their wonderful friendship and recently explained how she and her friends refer to adele’s son Angelo  as “Simon the Diamond.” She even stated in an interview with people’s magazine that “ Angelo won’t have a better dad than him because he is totally into his son’s upbringing and will do anything for his betterment. This sometimes makes me feel proud that little Angelo has a such father.

Talk about angels Adkins 2022 trends where people searched for his father Mr Simon Konecki’s net worth, here is what we know so far.

Full Name:Simon Konecki
Net Worth:$3 Million
Country:United Kingdom
Born:April 17, 1974
Last Updated:2022

Simon Kornacki Net Worth Trend

Net Worth in 2022$3 Million
Net Worth in 2021$2.8 Million
Net Worth in 2020$2.6 Million
Net Worth in 2019$2.5 Million
Net Worth in 2018$1.9 Million

Adele and her ex-husband finalized their divorce after 11 months of marriage. However, they are still good friends, co-parenting their kids and having no compromises doing it.

Singer John Meyer questioned her about marriage during an interview, to which she responded: “Yes. You ought to get hitched. “Marriage” in my opinion, is a pretty amazing thing. And I am aware that some others may assume that I would not believe that and that I have given up.”

She also added: “I’d absolutely consider getting married again. Being married gave me the safest feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. I long to be married.”

Adele’s Protective Behavior For Her Son

Though you can learn about how old is Angelo, you will never find him anywhere on the internet. This is because of adele’s protective behaviour. She even got a 5-digit settlement over sharing his son’s pic on a paparazzi website. She stated that “ I never wanted little Angelo to be public property”. She is so protective of her that every special moment of his life from going to playgrounds to the first day of school which was documented against her will was removed and made sure that none of them will ever be published elsewhere.

Motherly Love Of Adele

Even though little Angelo’s mother is a renowned singer but she is still a mother. She is so caring and loving towards her that she added a song in her 3rd studio released album 25. Her love for her son worked as a remedy as a whole song was dedicated to him and even his voice was used in the opening of the song.

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Bottom Line

Adele is having the best time of her life by enjoying the company of her living and being a caring father. His mother, even with her busy yet successful career is reserving time for her. He is enjoying a great luxurious life as the $300 million net is sure enough to provide him with a great lifestyle along with a successful father and mother. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Let us know in the comment section.

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