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Maurizio Gucci Death-What You Didn’t Know about his Murder

Maurizio Gucci death was such a national-level incident that left the people of Italy. It was such shocking news for everyone around. The 46-year-old former owner of Gucci was shot and killed on that dreadful morning of March 25 as he entered his Milan office. His ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani, hired a hitman to carry out the murder. His wife Patrizia Reggiani was then arrested and labelled as the black widow. This high-profile murder was the talk of the fashion world for quite a while. 

People who were looking for Maurizio Gucci height, lifestyle, and business information are now suddenly into his murder story these days as this story has got a movie adaptation last year. Here is everything you need to know about the Maurizio murder story.

Who Is Maurizio Gucci?

Maurizio Gucci,

Maurizio Gucci was born on September 26, 1948. Guccio Gucci was his grandfather and also the mastermind of the prestigious Italian fashion house.  He was the son of Rodolfo Gucci. The future successor to the Gucci kingdom showed an early affection for the family company; he started off working for the company as a delivery boy. Maurizio started to understand the complexities of balancing both family and business throughout this period since he frequently witnessed arguments between his father and uncle Aldo about how to keep Gucci successful.
But it wasn’t until the 1960s that he found his “better” half, Patrizia Reggiani (later known as Lady Gucci), and his life’s course finally changed for the better.

How Did Maurizio Gucci Die?

Well, there can be the short answer that Benedetto Ceraulo was a major name to be responsible for his murder. And the long answer would be loud and clear. Patrizia Reggiani was majorly involved. Maurizio was shot in the back four times and once in the head by a shooter named Ceraulo on March 27, 1995, in Milan. Of course, Patrizia was the major suspect, adhering to the worn-out stereotype of the sad wife.

However, it was not until after two years w when the public’s suspicions were confirmed. A suspicious night housekeeper just claimed that he has information regarding who killed Maurizio Gucci in 1997. This gave the police a lead. A widely publicized prosecution that followed showed that Patrizia had four helpers, including her close mate and psychic Pina Auriemma, hitman Benedetto Ceraulo, operational coordinator Ivano Savini, and a driver with gateway vehicle Orazio Cicala. Everyone was found guilty at the end of the trial and received significant prison terms. Maurizio Gucci’s net worth at death was an astonishing $200 million.


A Tale Of Love Between Maurizio And Patrizia

Just like the dramatic Maurizio Gucci death was, his lover’s story wasn’t much different. The story goes that Maurizio and Patrizia got closer at a party for Milan’s elite when they discovered they both had a similar liking for better things in life. Maurizio allegedly asked a buddy, “Who is that gorgeous girl in red dress with the looks of Elizabeth Taylor?” a first sight. 

Much like their love, at first sight, their marriage was much like a classic drama. Patrizia and Maurizio’s newfound connection was not well received in the Gucci family, particularly by Maurizio’s father Rodolfo, in a Shakespearean drama style. 

As the company’s largest stakeholder, Rodolfo thought Patrizia was simply a gold digger. She is just after the family money and the Gucci name and no love for Maurizio existed in her. However, the pair went through this phase and was married in 1972 despite the objection of Rodolfo’s. This ultimately resulted in an attempt to have Maurizio dismissed from the family business. Alessandra, Maurizio’s first child, was born in 1977, which helped pave the way for a reunion with his family and put Maurizio back in his father’s good book once again. The couple before separation had two daughters Allegra and Alessandra Gucci.

The Marriad life of Maurizio

The two had a decade-long, extravagant courtship during which they travelled extensively, which is often said to be similar to Taylor and burton, This served as their initial points of comparison. Then, in 1983, Rodolfo died at the age of 70. This was a great shock for both Maurizio and the Gucci firm.

Before Maurizio Gucci’s death, him being the controlling shareholder of Gucci, Maurizio devised a strategy to get rid of anyone he saw as a hindrance to his achievements and the success of the business, including his uncle Aldo Gucci. His relationship began to fall apart during these legal battles, which led Maurizio to seek comfort in the arms of Paola Franchi.

Maurizio & Patrizia Ugly Separation

Although Maurizio and Patrizia parted ways in 1985, it took them more than ten years to finally divorce. As their relationship deteriorated, Patrizia would regularly leave Maurizio hate-filled voicemails with the proclamation stating that “for you, hell is still to come.” And yes, she meant that. She had the kind of anger that would ultimately result in Maurizio’s terrible demise.

Who Is Paola Franchi?

Paola Franchi

Paola Franchi was born on 17 November 1953. She is now 68 years in 2022. Paola was raised in Milan by her family. Paola’s mother, a designer herself, had an interior design studio. This was Paola’s first step in her career.

She received her education at Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Brera. She currently resides in Italy, where she lives a low-key lifestyle.

Paola and Gucci began dating in 1990. Paola and Maurizio were not married when he passed away, which is the reason why she was not eligible for any of his fortune. Notwithstanding the media’s image of her as a glitzy gold seeker, she insisted that the romance was always genuinely about love instead of money. According to Paola, we both fell in love without sparing a moment.

Paola Franchi Net Worth

Paola Franchi Net Worth

Paola Franchi, an Italian interior designer and artist, is Paola Franchi. Paola Franchi has a net worth of $1 million as of 2022. Her design skills are what helped her accumulate her net worth. Paola is related the the Gucci family.
Former model, she became the author of “The Broken Love,” her autobiography about her relationship with Maurizio Gucci (the grandson of Gucci’s founder).

An affair to remember

Paula and Maurizio met at an exclusive club when Saint Moritz exclusive club was having a party. Like a typical Italian, Maurizio Gucci’s height was about 5,9 and with a wealthy class upbringing, he sure knew how to wow a woman. Paula who was also divorced fell in love with his classy personality and they both start dating. They were just about to plan their wedding at Gucci’s St. Moritz residence in Switzerland. Once the divorce between Gucci and Reggiani was finalized in 1994. Their romance was on point when Maurizio Gucci died but they couldn’t officially get into a relationship.

But things didn’t end there, She had to face another tragedy when Paola Franchi son of her first husband killed himself in a suicidal attempt at the age of 16, in 2001.

Bottom Line

There you have it. The inside information about Maurizio Gucci, his murder, and his affair. Maurizio Gucci death was such a devastating moment in this fashion brand’s history and dramatic as well. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Let us know in the comments down below. 

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