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Liz Truss’ UK Prime Minister Resigns After 45-Days In Office

In the beginning, it was the time that the UK was sacked by its Queen. Now, the prime minister has decided to quit despite having just begun. Liz Truss, who was elected U.K.’s prime minister after being elected by the Conservative party, received 81,326 votes compared to 60,399 votes for the Indian-born Rishi Sunak. She has surprisingly quit after only 45 days in the office. Her resignation comes a day after she promised to keep her post by claiming that she is “a fighter and not a quitter.”

The Reason Behind Liz Truss’s Resignation…

Liz Truss' UK Prime Minister Resign

Just a few days ago, Liz Truss vowed to keep her position in the office, saying that she is a “fighter and not a quitter”. In a surprising decision, the U.K.’s premier from the Conservative Party resigned today (Oct. 20) after only 45 days in office, making the prime minister the shortest tenure of any prime minister in U.K.’s history.

In her resignation speech, Liz stated: “I recognise… given the situation I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative Party.” If you’re keeping track of the current UK politics, then you’ll be aware that Liz was in the middle of an unrelenting protest over her leadership. There is a report that a number of Conservative Party MPs called for her resignation amid growing turmoil within the UK government in the wake of the death of the queen.

Not only that, but Truss was also forced to quit her current policy plan because the program “triggered a bond market rout and a collapse of her approval ratings and those of her Conservative Party”. In the wake of her resignation, Truss announced that a leader’s election would be held that will be wrapped within the next week.

Possible Candidates For The Post…

As Liz Truss’s chaotic reign as the premiership is coming to an end, despite just beginning some of the potential candidates are already waiting to take the reins of power. The first likely candidate to succeed Truss is the former Minister of Finance Rishi Sunak, who finished second in the last prime ministerial election.

Liz Truss' UK Prime Minister Resign

Other possible candidates are Penny Mordaunt, Grant Shapps and Kemi Badenoch. According to reports, the former home secretary Suella Braverman is also seeking the position. The next week will reveal who will be the one to assume the helm up to then. Liz will continue serving as the prime minister per her announcement.

In her resignation, she stated that she had met with the Chairman of the 1922 Committee Sir Graham Brady and agreed that the leadership elections are scheduled to be completed in the coming week. This step was made in order to make sure that the nation doesn’t stray off from the way it is currently taking to implement the “fiscal plans and maintain economic stability and national security”.

Liz graduated from Merton College Oxford, and also was president of the Oxford University Liberal Democrats. The highly qualified politician, was a member of the Conservative Party in 1996, was elected Member of Parliament of South West Norfolk at the general election of 2010.

Liz Truss' UK Prime Minister Resign

She was previously in Cabinet posts during the time of former premier Ministers Theresa May, Boris Johnson and David Cameron. She was appointed for the position of Foreign Secretary under Boris Johnson. In addition to her resignation as premier mister, she also resigned as head of the party that is conservative. It appears that the political career of someone has come to an end.

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