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Kylie Jenner’s All Ex-Boyfriends List – Dating History

Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashian clan, yet she’s perhaps the most famous and successful in the group. Her company Kylie Cosmetics made her the youngest “self-made billionaire” in the world.

The fact that she was part of The Kardashian family meant she was a part of the show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians from a very young age. Along with her sister, she was frequently seen playing during the reality show.

Today, she’s a 25-year-old mother of two who owns one of the most popular cosmetic brands around the globe. Her presence in the spotlight for several years has generated a lot of curiosity about her relationship.

Let’s take a close look at the guy Kylie Jenner is currently with.

  1. Ramsay IV
Screenshot 148

Kylie Jenner’s romance with her boyfriend began in her early years of 12 years old. She was to Ramsay IV for more than three years.

The couple was in the love for a while before breaking up. While neither of them confirmed nor denied the reports of their romance There are plenty of images online that suggest otherwise.

  • Cody Simpson
Screenshot 149

Cody Simpson recently admitted that Kylie Jenner was his “very first girlfriend”, but back then both were secretive about their relationship.

Jenner and Simpson had a relationship for a short time probably from 2011 until 2013. Their adorable photos together became viral.

  • Jaden Smith
Screenshot 150

Kylie Jenner also had an affair with the ICONsinger back in 2013. They were introduced via Jordyn Woods, a common family acquaintance who was a member of the Kardashians. The young lovers were seen out and about at least a few times.

Jenner did not seem to be able to keep herself from showing her support for her boyfriend, and even wearing his merch during the day. It’s unclear what caused them to break apart, but they’re quite good friends today. They were seen having a party in Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s wedding in 2019.

  • Tyga
Screenshot 151

The rapper Tyga, as well as Jenner, were paired up during his performance during Kendal Jenner’s 16 birthday celebration. Even though she was just 14 when she was there, Tyga was 21. They denied dating until she was 18. He ended his relationship with the mother of his child Black Chyna to be with Jenner. Things became a bit tense when Rob Kardashian’s younger brother Rob Kardashian started dating Black Chyna.

For her 18 anniversary day, she gave her a $320,000 Ferrari and both of them got tattoos of each other’s names. Jenner was even a part of the music video of two songs,”Dope’d up” and “Stimulated. The pair broke in 2017 after just three years of dating.

  • Drake
Screenshot 152

There was plenty of tension during the time that Drake as well as Kylie Jenner were linked. In 2019, it was reported that they shared a love for each other. They weren’t strangers and have been friends for several years.

They were believed to be in a relationship despite the large age gap. However, the reports indicate that Jenner did not want to be involved in any serious relationship. A song later, by Drake’s surfaced, where he spoke to Jenner as”a “side piece”. Then Drake apologized for harming the feelings of his “friends”.

  • Fai Khadra
Screenshot 153

The LA-born Palestinian model, as well as the apparent love affair, ignited the internet in the year 2020. The long-time Kardashian-Jenner ally spent time with his family in 2020.

He even traveled with Kylie along with her friends on a trip to Paris in France and Utah. Some believe that they were involved in a relationship, and others believe that they’re just close friends. Khadra is also connected to Kylie Jenner’s best acquaintance Jordyn Woods.

  • Travis Scott
Screenshot 154

They first came together in the year 2017. Their relationship may have begun at Coachella but the relationship quickly became serious. They welcomed their very first baby, a little girl named Stormi together in February 2018.

The couple was a bit off and on until the year 2019 when they appeared to have ended their relationship permanently. There were reports of reconciliation and a blossoming romance between them in the year 2020.

A year later, in 2021 the couple welcomed another baby boy. It was a boy called Wolf Webster. The couple frequently addressed one another by the name of husband and wife and many wondered whether they’d secretly gotten married.

Jenner shared a sweet photo of her daughter on Father’s Day where Travis Scott was eating noodles while his son lying on his chest, and his daughter playing around. A lot of Jenner’s fans aren’t satisfied with Travis Scott. They think that the couple continues to break up and Scott returns only whenever it’s comfortable for Scott.

Controversy, More and More

The couple also did an interview on GQ during which they asked each other 23 things about what people would normally be able to answer about their partner. The majority of the comments on the video pointed out the lack of knowledge regarding the mom of his son as well as his partner.

Screenshot 155

The couple could have split and re-divorced. Jenner posted a vulgar photo that fans believe to be an attempt to announce that she’s single once more. Both have been accused of cheating during their relationship. Scott even issued a statement that denied the allegations that he cheated on Kylie Jenner.

Travis Scott also landed in an uproar at the time. In one of his sold-out concerts, more than 10 suffered suffocation-related deaths due to the venue being crowded. Many believed that the cause was Travis Scott for not stopping the concert despite the fact that people tried to warn the singer. In the wake of the incident, the singer is now facing numerous lawsuits.

The question of whether the two are actually together or not isn’t clear. However, they appear to be dedicated to spending time with the children and making sure they have the best lives they can. Every time Kylie Jenner has been appreciated for being a fantastic mom, even though many believe that she should have done better when it comes to Travis Scott.

She is however committed and stood with his side throughout the controversy and vitriol directed at his name after so many people lost their lives in his concert. However, only time will tell whether they’re meant to remain together, or not.

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