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Key Difference Between Public and Private Hospitals

When we talk about hospitals in Pakistan everyone pictures a hospital with poor infrastructure, long waiting queues, poor management and a lack of facilities. That is because all our government hospitals look like this and the problem is that the majority of our population cannot afford to go to private hospitals so they have to bear with the public hospitals and their poor service and lack of basic facilities.

Public and Private Hospitals

Every Pakistani knows the difference between public and private hospitals in our country. Everyone is aware of the quality of treatment in public hospitals and the quality of treatment in private hospitals. But the sad reality and truth is, the majority of our population cannot afford to go to private hospitals because they are really expensive. Even if someone’s life is at stake, private hospitals won’t even give them any concession.  

It’s not totally incorrect to say that private hospitals are just for the rich, the elite people who can afford the hefty amount of charges. The facilities in private hospitals are up to the mark. And they use the latest technology to diagnose and treat people. They have good customer service as well, highly qualified doctors who give full-time duty at the hospital. The facility of laboratory and tests is also available inside the hospitals. You can get the reports online within hours. But all these things are out of the reach of a middle-class person.

There are some private hospitals who are trying to deliver affordable facilities to people. Let us discuss a hospital in Multan which is providing good facilities to the masses of Multan and South Punjab.

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital (MASH)

Mukhtar A. Sheikh is a private hospital in Multan comprising 500 beds and state-of-the-art facilities. They have their building in the most ideal and convenient location in Multan, so that anyone can have easy access to the hospital. The location of a hospital is one of the most important things. It should be situated in a place where anyone can have access to the medical facilities.

The most important thing about this hospital is that it is a welfare hospital, they treat deserving people free of cost and cover all their charges keeping it confidential so it doesn’t hurt their dignity. People get free of cost quality treatment without any discrimination. They have a whole screening process of the actual deserving people and then they give them the proper treatment just like the other patients who can pay. This is the thing which makes it stand out from other private hospitals in South Punjab.  

Mukhtar A. Sheikh is one of the best hospitals in South Punjab with their up to date facilities and technology. There are many reasons that make MASH a hospital in which people can trust and can access in any case of emergency. Let’s discuss some of the key services and facilities which MASH provides to the people of Multan which makes them one of the best private hospitals of South Punjab.

Highly qualified and professional staff

The staff at Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital is highly qualified, professional and experienced. Not just the doctors, but their supporting staff, administration, and nursing staff is also very experienced. They do not compromise on a patient’s health and well-being. Their doctors are the top specialists in their field. They have Dr. Aneela Darbar on board, who is the most reputed and famous neurosurgeon in Pakistan. They have experienced surgeons which is the most important field, during a surgery a person’s life is at stake. But MASH guarantees a safe surgery because it is performed by the most expert surgeons in Pakistan.

ISO approved laboratory

The lab is one of the most important segments of a hospital. During a treatment a patient has to go through many medical tests to get diagnosed and to know what the issue is. That is why it is very important to have up to date lab technology so that the results and reports come out correct and authentic. Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital has Multan’s first ISO approved lab collection center. They also provide home sampling which makes it easier for people of Multan to get tested in their own home. This makes MASH the leading hospital regarding the lab technology and services.

Spring Clinic

Spring clinic is a mental health care clinic and it is a proud project of MASH. It has a whole separate building and separate dedicated staff to treat people suffering from mental health issues. It is a one of a kind facility in Multan which treats people of all ages and makes their lives better. One of their most remarkable services at the Spring clinic is speech therapy. They treat children with speaking issues and disabilities and help them to speak fluently. And many deserving children get this treatment free through their welfare program.  

These are the services which proves that MASH is the best private hospital in South Punjab. It has best facilities and is also affordable so that everyone can get quality healthcare without any discrimination.

Public Hospital and Private Clinic:

In a public hospital, the practitioner is linked to the establishment by his status of hospital practitioner, which places him under the hierarchical authority of the establishment director, except for questions related to his medical practice which, ethically, remains under the its full responsibility.

In a private clinic, the practitioner is bound to the establishment by a practice contract and not by an employment contract. The practice contract sets the commitments of each contracting party to the other, it is a business-to-business relationship with, on the one hand, a private medical practice company (the practitioner) and on the other side a company that provides a technical platform (the clinic). 

Liability of Practitioners

With regard to the professional civil liability of doctors, here again there is an important difference: in the private sector, it is the doctors who bear this responsibility of their patients; To protect themselves against legal action brought by their patients, they pay for so-called “professional civil liability” insurance, which can reach very high sums in certain high-risk specialties, in particular surgery and obstetrics.

In hospitals, it is the structure that bears this responsibility. All employees, including doctors, are covered for their liability, except, of course, in the event of gross negligence, known as “detachable from the service”.

 For salaried doctors who have a private sector, it all depends on the framework in which their patient was treated, public or private.

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