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House of the Dragon Episode 9: The Ending of the Show Explained

Warning House of the Dragon Episode 9 include Spoilers *

House of the Dragon Episode 9 the penultimate of House of the Dragon aired on Sunday and was a hit, delivering on expectations. Even though Rhaenyra and Daemon were certainly not absent, the internal battles between the Hightowers kept the audience interested.

House of the Dragon Episode 9

After an hour of plotting, planning betrayals, chases and adversities, the greens finally assume the reigns over the kingdoms of seven the crowning of Aegon as King. However, the coronation ceremony does not go as planned when the princess Rhaenys came in onto her dragon and sent out a message that greens will surely remember for an extended period of time.

House of the Dragon Episode 9’s Ending – Explained: Rhaenys’ Heroic Act Helps Save the Day

After being locked in her room all through the story, to ensure she doesn’t communicate with Rhaenyra The Princess Rhaenys is finally saved by Ser Erryk. She helps her escape from Red Keep. Red Keep to get her out of the city in peace.

Two of them are separated in the chaos after they are separated when the City Watch handles the crowd and directs them to the dragon pits to witness the coronation of Aegon. In hiding under a hoodie Rhaenys attends the coronation, while the Septon blessings Aegon with a ring, and then he’s crowning as The King of seven Kingdoms.

House of the Dragon Episode 9

She is then able to find the ideal occasion to visit her Dragon pit to locate her go-to dragon Meleys. Then, Otto Hightower publicly announces that it was King Viserys wishes to see his son’s firstborn sitting on the Iron Throne. Although the crowd is initially skeptical but they begin to cheer for Aegon shortly and soon acknowledge him as their King.

Why didn’t Rhaenys not burn the Greens?

The celebrations, but were short-lived, because Rhaenys comes in from under the ground along with Meleys, inflicting havoc on the place of coronation. The dragon’s rider is then in front of the greens and gets the perfect opportunity to stop the matter completely however, instead, the dragon starts roaring and disappears from the main entrance and leaves high towers Hightowers along with their family members safe.

House of the Dragon Episode 9

Rhaenys actions could be explained by her having wanted to convey an important message, and didn’t wish to provoke the war. She is now officially in agreement with Rhaenyra however, she is not keen on being described as a king, one of the most insulting accusations in Westeros.

Rhaenys burning the greens surrounding the city might have caused greater harm than good since cities would likely have been thinking that Rhaenyra in a negative light and may have rejected her claim to the throne.

Shelaena’s Prophecy Comes True

Rhaenys emerging from the bottom of the pit of dragons fulfills another prophecy written by Haelena Targaryen. In the scene of dinner in Episode 8 the princess said, “Beware the beast beneath the boards.” In the ninth episode, she utters similar words when Alicent arrives to inform she that King has passed away.

Rhaenys’s act proves that Haelena is able to see into the future. The Beast was Meleys’ dragon and the word ‘beneath the board refers to the boards that were above the caves of the dragon. In the meantime the dragons are getting ready to dance, with Aegon being crowned King and Rhaenys taking flight towards Dragonstone and the dancing of dragons are scheduled to begin in the final part of season on the following week.

House of the Dragon airs every Sunday at 9 pm for 9 pm HBO as well as HBO Max.

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