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Eminem ex-wife- Where is Kim Scott Mathers These Days?

Kim Scott Mathers, Eminem ex wife, who also has the name Kim Mathers was in the news in the late 90s when she was dating the rapper Eminem. Eminem doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to rapping. With his unique style and personality, he sure is the town’s talk, primarily for good reasons. However, Not everyone has the same everything positive, even when they reach this level of fame. Kim Eminem ex-wife dated him for nearly a decade. They were considered a made-for-each-other couple in Hollywood. Despite having a great love life, both of them were famous for having some severe love fights.

When Kim Scott gave birth to Eminem’s first child, they decided to get married. And at first, things were pretty promising from the start, but it didn’t end well. Their relationship lasted for only two years when Eminem’s ex wife, Kim Scott, and the rapper found themselves fighting with each other. They even tied the knot once again, but it also ended roughly. Assuming you are also a fan of Eminem and looking for information regarding Kim Eminem’s ex-wife. Then continue reading the below for some interesting bits about her and her relationship with Eminem.

They Married Not Once But Twice

The marriage with their wife Kim didn’t go well, as we all know, but they did settle down for each other once but twice. Kim, the wife of Eminem, met him at a party, and they have been dating each other since high school. They even had a baby girl named Hailie Jade in 1995. After four years of dating, they decided to get married. 

However, their differences arise, and this cute couple is often found fighting each other. It ended up in a divorce/ However, some of Eminem’s fans even have to say that this is much about arrogance and ego, which EMI was known for. They even tried to work on their relationship, for which they married again.

However, this second marriage idea didn’t work as well, and they again separated ways within a few months.

Kim Filed for the Custody Of Hailie Jade With Eminem

Eminem’s ex-wife had a daughter with Eminem in 1995. She is the single child of the couple among the 3 children of Eminem and Kim. While the baby was growing up, the parents were also involved in custodial issues. These days, Hailie has fully grown up, and she sees both of her parents.

A Full Song About Eminem’s Ex-Wife

Writing songs about your Ex isn’t something that is limited to some high school teens or jealous adults only. Mature adults do the same sometimes as Emmine did for her ex-wife. In the year 2000, rapper Eminem released a burning song about his ex-wife. The song about Kim Eminem’s ex didn’t go well. However, it is just about him personally and not just professionally. 

She even confessed in an interview with People Magazine that this track led her to the most dangerous thoughts and tried to kill herself. Kim Mathers even confessed that she did become self-harmer after some time and she hurt herself when her husband talked about beating his wife. This was the darkest time of her life as she tried to end her life.

Kim Mathers, 2022

Eminem’s ex-wife hasn’t encountered the law all that often. She has been detained numerous times for DUIs and drug possession throughout the years. She revealed on the Detroit-based radio programme Mojo in the Morning that the 2015 accident for which she was detained was actually a second suicide attempt. “I sat at the end of a road where I was certain that only I would suffer harm. Yes, I drank, I took medications, accelerated, and pointed the car at a pole,” she admitted, according to Yahoo.

Eminem’s ex Kim also stated that when she hit the pole with her SUV, she was fined $900. However, it was her ex-husband who helped her to get through the phase. She said, “ we just wanted to raise our kids together. We are still good friends, though. Along with Hallie, Scott and Slim also brought in Alaina, Kim’s late twin sister’s child. Whitney, Scott’s child from a previous relationship, was also adopted by Eminem. Parker is Scott’s other son, but Eminem is not Parker’s legal father.

During an interview, Eminem’s ex-wife also told her how she is happy about raising Hailie; She told the media that it was really a great experience to raise my girl. She has graduated from college now. She stated that this is probably the best achievement in her life to be able to raise a kid.

Self-Growth and Improvement

Ever since she got away from some law-related problem, she worked and focused on self-improvement.  She worked hard on her self-improvement. She worked on several children’s books. She has written or drawn most of those comics and books. Also, she is now becoming a wonderful mother to her daughter Hailie, a grown adult.

However, some fans claim that her financial situation is also comparatively better or gave Kim a head start because of her husband. She had a deal because of her ex-husband’s highly successful career, letting her earn $50,000 annually. 

Problem With Addiction

As was already established, Kim not only found herself in legal difficulties for drug charges but also for severe drinking and drug abuse. This is claimed to have been a significant point of contention between Kim and Eminem, and it was the deciding factor in their final and second divorce, which occurred in 2006.

Another Suicide Attempt

Even though things were seemingly fine on the surface, Eminem’s ex-wife faced another issue with law enforcement, which is why she attempted suicide once again. However, she was eventually rescued and was hospitalized.

Bottom Line

Despite having an excellent rapping career, Eminem couldn’t hold on when it came to a relationship with her first-ever love. However, according to fans, severe drug abuse, conflict with law enforcement, and alcohol ended this beautiful couple’s relationship. Hope you got what you are looking for. If you like it, then comment down below with your thoughts.

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