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Brazilian Instagram Influencer Núbia Cristina Braga Shot to Death at her House

Popular Instagram influencer Nubia Cristina Braga has passed away. us. According to a report from New York Post, the Brazilian beauty was murdered in a gun attack by gunmen riding motorcycles.

Braga died in her residence in the Santa Maria neighbourhood of Aracaju. Continue reading to learn details about the tragic demise that was the victim of Instagram beauty influencer Nubia Cristina Braga.

Who was Nubia Cristina Braga? Nubia Cristina Braga’s death occur?

The news media, Jam Press, that Nubia Cristina Braga was found dead in the evening on October 14 at her residence located in Aracaju. Santa Maria neighbourhood of Aracaju. The victim was killed in her home after being attacked by motorcycle gunmen who then left the scene.

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According to authorities, the Instagram influencer was returned from a visit to the hair salon. She also spoke about this in her last Instagram Story as well.

According to an account by New York Post, two motorcycle riders went into the home that belonged to Braga through the front door. Shortly after, they came across the social media celebrity and fired several shots at her before fleeing from the scene.

The police arrived at the scene of the crime around nine p.m. and discovered Braga lying in a pool of blood. In the present, the identity of the assassins disguised remains unknown. The authorities are currently investigating the matter. The police have requested that the victims come forward and share any information that could aid in the search for the shooters.

Who was Nubia Cristina Braga?

For those who don’t know, let us inform you that Nubia Cristina Braga an Instagram influencer who produced material for Instagram. After her tragic demise, her dream of becoming an Instagram star is over.

This Brazilian Instagram influencer was known to post regular posts on beauty, travel and fashion. Alongside this, she also ran an online store for clothing on her own. She had more than 60k followers on her social media site

If we looked through the Instagram feed of the social media celebrity We came across a number of images of her traveling around the globe and some snaps of her hanging out with family and friends.

In addition to her popularity on social media, Nubia was a selfless person who was known to perform volunteer work. She even gave aid in the arranging of celebrations to celebrate Children’s Day and Christmas. Her aunt Claudia Menezes talked about her and stated, “Nubia did volunteer work and was an inspiration to all. She left a mark on the world.”

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The sudden death of Braga has stunned her fans across the world. A huge fan of Nubia posted on Twitter and wrote “My JESUS, the woman only posted a Story 3 hours ago and was brutally murdered, only GOD can comfort her family and friends.”

Another grieving fan wrote, “Rest in peace princess you were an extraordinary girl. There’s no one like you like you. You are singular,” meanwhile a fan said, “May your passage be serene, God is with you.”

Our deepest sympathies go out to the family and friends and relatives of Nubia Cristina Braga in this difficult time. Be sure to keep up with us for the latest news on the latest news from showbiz.

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