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5 Best Apple Watch Faces Apps to Download Custom Watch Faces

Apple Watch has become an indispensable component of many people’s lives. From receiving notifications to setting targets for fitness, the watch comes with numerous functions. Apple is well-known for its strictness in regard to modifying its products. But, in a refreshing change, Apple has allowed customizing the look of the Apple Watch with third-party applications.

Watch face is the appearance of the homepage that determines what your watch looks like. There is a myriad of applications that claim to offer the most custom-designed faces, however, not all of them can be taken seriously. This is why we’ve brought you the top applications to help you customize the appearance of your Apple Watch Faces.

We’re going to reveal five of the top apps where you can download personalized face designs to your Apple watch.

5 Top Apple Watch Face Apps

A lot of apps promise to create or provide customized watch faces. There are a lot of options available, however, only a handful are worth the effort (and in certain instances, even money). We’ve tested a broad selection of these programs and have narrowed the list to the top five. Let’s look into them more in-depth.

1. Watchsmith


Watchsmith is among the most effective software to design distinctive watch faces for all Apple Watch. It’s astonishing how many personalization options this application offers. Furthermore, it offers an array of options that can be very beneficial.

The app can’t help you create your own watch face by hand, but it can provide a good alternative. It also allows you to create your individual Apple Watch complications. For example, the Infographics watch face allows you to customize several different issues. You can also configure it so that a single complication will display distinct data at different hours during the day.

The complication features present on the Apple Watch will be more efficient than they have ever been. For instance, you could set your watch to display an underlying complication that displays the weather as you get to go out in the morning. In the afternoon the same complication shows my agenda for the day. Afterward, the same complication will show an app for meditation before you go to bed.

Watchsmith’s basic version Watchsmith is free, however, if you’d prefer access to more information types to help with your problems you could upgrade to Watchsmith Premium for $1.99 per month.

2. StepDog


This is for pet lovers. You can now put pets on your Apple watch’s face, and it even tracks your statistics. Although the app allows for download at no cost, a subscription is required to use all of the premium features, like the option to personalize your StepDog (or cats).

Stepdog watch face Stepdog watch face gives a bit of character to your Apple Watch, and the accompanying virtual puppy keeps the wearer in the loop in monitoring their daily exercise goals. Alongside the fantastic animations, you also receive real-time weather updates.

3. Facer


The app offers many of the most-loved Apple Watch designs and has earned it a 4.7-star rating as well as 17,000 favorable reviews. You can get the complete experience with a one-week trial or pay $4.99 each month, or $39.99 annually to get the upgraded version. However, there are absolutely cost-free Apple watch faces that you can make use of. If the main page is difficult, you can try tapping “Top Charts” instead, in which you can look at Free Faces that are popular.

When it comes to the most popular Apple Watch Face wallpapers, having useful complications play an essential function. In this application, you can find the Christmas theme which can handle up to six distinct kinds of issues. You can pick the face of your device from a vast selection of choices. There are many iconic faces, such as those from Star Wars, Nike, etc.

4. Make Maker

 Make Maker

WatchMaker is a different alternative to downloading fresh Apple Watch faces or making your own. With this program, you can create an individual appearance for the Apple Watch. The variety of faces available for Apple Watch is rather restricted with the free version of the app.

But, for $3.99 each week (with the opportunity to try a trial of three days) you can get the pro version of the app and make entirely unique watch faces for Apple’s watchOS. There’s a myriad of customizable options, including personalized backgrounds including minutes, hours, and second-hand.

If you’re not looking to invest money, you can choose to use one of the free watches faces already available in the app and created by users who have made them.

Because the cost that this program is just a little higher than the average, it doesn’t make any sense in the first position. The cost that is $3.99 each week seems ridiculous and $49.99 per year is more absurd. If money is not a concern, then it’s a good idea to download this application.

5. Clockology


Clockology is a great application that allows you to personalize your Apple Watch face and also utilize designs made by other users. If you’re looking to go for something retro and feel nostalgic it is possible to play around with using the Casio Space Watch face (pictured) within the application.

Clockology isn’t just limited to Apple Watch; it can be used to create and store electronic clocks for all iOS devices.

The official Subreddit can be a fantastic site to look at the incredible faces that are created by using Clockology. There are all kinds of iconic brands such as Diesel as well as Bell & Ross to the retro-inspired Casio. Please give it a shot and tell us about your experience.

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The following are the top 5 applications that you can make use of to change the look of the appearance of your Apple Watch face. It is available for download through the link below. Try it out and share your most loved image in the comment section below.

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