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Apple iPhone 14 vs Google Pixel 7 – Which Phone has the Better Camera?

Google Pixel 7 was released in the ” Made By Google” event, while the iPhone 14 came out at Apple’s Far Out event in the month of September. One of the main advantages of these devices is the cameras. Compare which phone features the best camera, when it’s Google Pixel 7 vs Apple iPhone 14.

Each the Pixel 7 and iPhone 14 are flagship models of premium quality with amazing specifications and timeless design. Google as well as Apple have had a great time with their phones since their performance has always been impressive and they are sold like hotcakes.

As the user, you have select only one of them. You cannot keep both of them at the same time for only camera-related needs. It’s crucial to understand how the Pixel 7’s camera performs against the iPhone 14’s lens.

Google Pixel 7 vs Apple iPhone 14: A Review of the Specs

Here’s a quick and easy comparison of both the Google Pixel 7 and Apple iPhone 14 in terms of specifications:

SpecGoogle Pixel 7Apple iPhone 14
Screen size6.3 inches6.1 inches
Refresh rate90Hz60Hz
Storage128GB, 256GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB
CPUGoogle Tensor G2A15 Bionic
Rear CamerasDual cameras (50MP wide and 12MP ultrawide)Dual 12MP cameras (wide and ultra-wide)
Front Camera10.8MP f/2.2 aperture12MP f/1.9 aperture

This will let you know how closely the two mainstays match up when pitted against one another.

Google Pixel 7 vs Apple iPhone 14 Comparison of cameras

Apple has made the camera setups the same for both the iPhone 14 and last year’s iPhone 13 with minor upgrades this time. Dual 12MP sensors are available and equipped with a standard wide as well as an ultra-wide lens. It has 100% focus pixels that allow crisp and clear shots.

Apple iPhone 14 vs Google Pixel 7

On the other hand, Google hasn’t really changed the lenses, and it uses the same setup with the main shooter with 50MP as well as the ultrawide camera of 12MP. The sensor however is upgraded, to a higher resolution and Pixel 7 uses the second-gen Tensor chip, which is built with the 4nm process.

This has contributed to Google improving algorithms and colour science to produce more vivid photos. There are many useful options like photo unblur, guided Frames as well as others. The quality of the noise correction and stability incredible features on Google’s latest flagship.

Apple iPhone 14 vs Google Pixel 7

iPhones were always the top choice in the clarity of images, however, Google has provided difficult competition this time around through the Pixel 7. Pixel 7. Even though the iPhone 14 remains the winner in terms of video, however, it is clear that the Pixel 7 has the edge in photography.

A Sample of Images Taken with Google Pixel 7

Here are some examples of images that were taken using Google Pixel 7 under standard lighting conditions:

Apple iPhone 14 vs Google Pixel 7
Apple iPhone 14 vs Google Pixel 7

A Sample of Images Captured with Apple iPhone 14

Here are some examples of photos made with the Apple iPhone 14 under standard lighting conditions:

Apple iPhone 14 vs Google Pixel 7
Apple iPhone 14 vs Google Pixel 7

Final Conclusion Pixel 7 for Pictures and iPhone 14 for Video

You’ve probably figured out how both of them are incredible and the fight between the cameras between them is a competitive one. From what I’ve observed so far iPhone 14 is still the top choice with regard to video. Yet, the Pixel 7 is slightly superior to the iPhone 14 in terms of pictures.

When it comes to the battle for the camera between the two beasts: the iPhone 14 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro, the Pixel 7 Pro is generally taking advantage. Here’s an example shot to show that:

Apple iPhone 14 vs Google Pixel 7

The image captured by Google’s camera is significantly more precise and clear when compared to the picture that was taken on Apple’s iPhone.

If you’re talking about the basic models, there’s any major difference, but it is there is a substantial one. If camera quality is the primary factor in your decision for you, then choose Pixel 7 if pictures are the most important thing to you and iPhone 14 if you want to take videos.

The ultimate decision as always is the one you make. You won’t regret buying one of these. What do you think? Please use the comment section to tell us what you think.

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